Monday, 1 October 2007

(nr.48) Ross Perot spoke about Soviet Jewish lobby in American Congress and a photo he held before a camera depicted someone with a Georgian name, which I cannot recall. At the time, charismatic Mr. Shevarnadze was a Foreign Minister in Russia ("Russian Federation") and we had a Georgian Ambassador in the Russian Embassy to the Netherlands.
Many prominent Georgians in world politics and business.
A former Georgian Communist Komsomol youth leader Badri Patarkatsishvili (not an easy name to remember) is mentioned in Wayne Madsen's article: 'Boris Berezovsky's Other Friend'
Could 'cosmopolitans' Stalin fought be linked to 'internationalists' mentioned in the US Congressional Record of Aug. 1940 ? See : Page 1( highlighted text on 2/3) -
Children singing (at the time of Lavrenty Beria's arrest) :
Beria, Beria!
Poteral doverie!
A tovarisch Malenkov
Nadaval emu pinkov!
"Wrong Parking" - OU 54 WNN - second time Friday 28 Sept.
Saturday 29 September - N 550 MYJ and R 266 UHL.

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