Friday, 28 September 2007

(nr.47) STALIN, etc. Some interesting turns in the discussion on NL Expatica Forum:
" 8 March, 1711" -

From "The Unknown STALIN" by Zhores A.Medvedev & Roy A.Medvedev:

"The whole notion of a 'Zionist conspiracy' against the Party leadership has been invented by Stalin at the end of 1948 as a continuation of the campaign against 'cosmopolitans' begun in 1946. Scores of people were arrested in 1949 as part of this anti-Semitic campaign along with almost all the members of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, including Molotov's wife, Polina. The celebrated Jewish theater director, Solomon Mikhoels, was killed during a visit to Minsk in January 1948, according to a special scenario devised by Stalin [an automobile accident].
.... The anti-Semitic campaign continued .... 1948-1952, with the 'discovery' of a mounting number of plots. ... [Georgian-Mingrelian case] several of the accused were compelled to testify that Beria was concealing his Jewish origins. ... 'group of terrorist doctors' .... Jewish doctors who had allegedly been recruited by the international Jewish bourgeois-nationalist organization 'Joint'. Among the arrested doctors were some who were actually Russian and also rather prominent, and they were linked to other organizations. Stalin's former personal physician, Professor Vinogradov, and the head of the Kremlin medical service, Dr.Yegorov, were said to be long-term agents of British Intelligence.
... Sunday 1 March, however, turned out to be the last day of this anti-Semitic, anti-Western onslaught. ... But on Monday, 2 March neither Pravda nor any other central paper contained a single anti-Semitic remark or any trace of anti-Zionist material. ... The anti-Semitic campaign was over."
And 3 days later, March 5, 1953 Stalin was dead (buried March 9).
This morning "wrong parking": OU 54 WNN.
Yesterday I 've spoken with Peter Westhorpe, who is back from vacation at the JobCenterPlus.

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