Thursday, 27 September 2007

(nr.46) GORBACHEV ???? the article is a good example of the CABAL agenda and LIES.
As I noticed from my first ever visit to the "West", all memory and history about what really happened in 1917 and about Lenin+ is swept under carpet. Stalin is demonised in a very emotional and hateful manner, in contrast.

The 'controversy' omits one HUGELY important event: LEGALIZATION of SODOMY, so-called FREE LOVE and SEXUAL EDUCATION (molestation and violation of children) in schools.
The latter was advocated/implemented by a "woman" Prof. SCHMIDT, among others.
Under STALIN this SODOM was declared a crime.

Just like another "ethnic taboe" aspect of the Lenin-Trotsky government and subsequent upheavals, which led even in the last stages of the crumbling Soviet "Empire" (crumbling by plan and design) to "people talk" in half-tones: " A KaGeBe-to - zhidovskoe !".

By Dmitry Solovyov "Gorbachev warns Russians against rise of Stalinism":

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