Wednesday, 26 September 2007

(nr.45) articles continue to be blocked quite regularly - by a Hampshire IT service or their representatives. Yesterday and today, for example, Alex Jones' interview of Cheryl Hall (Vaccine Reactions and Medical Cover-ups) is blocked,
because it is "categorized as: Violence". The page with "subscribe" is blocked regularly from my observation, too. They did not block, however, "UK Police Claim Filming them is an offence". Food for thought ...
As for my appt. at the Gosport JobCentre+ today, no news about my request to see (digital) paper work, but my allowance shall be delayed for a week (max), because Steph. Simpson decided to send a complaint judging my " job searching activity" insufficient.
I had made an oral complaint about her work and competence (to CEO Peter Westhorpe) soon after she took over from Chris Moxham, with whom I never had any problems.
All this happens while Mr. Westhorpe is on vacation (?) .
The name of God was removed from the town's motto: "God's Port - Our Haven" as part of the Millenium Project. The new bourough "motto" is wordless and considered worthless by many.
There is even an insistance, that Gosport is actually Goose-Port, because of the goose market.
Any significance to 'goose' ?

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