Tuesday, 25 September 2007

(nr.44) Dutch words so far:
Bijlmoord - the headlines in the Dutch newspapers, ref. to a gruesome murder on Sept. 8 of a 22 year old Dutch student in the city of Roosendaal by an american with an axe. Bijl - axe, Moord - murder. Bijlmoord= axe murder.

INKIJK = Look-in (kijk=look) . In mid-nineties there was an investigation by the Dutch parl. commission into illegal activities by police, judiciary and private investigators, which included
staged burglaries and illegal entries/searches of private houses.
I hope to have a look at my files in the JobCentrePlus tomorrow. I have asked CEO Peter Westhorpe in writing (2 weeks ago) to see my assessment records as from Jan. 2007.

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