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Addenda Twenty Six.

( nr 393 ) - See Addenda Twenty Five - ref. POLICE show last Saturday. Scans of Michael LANE ...

S-theatre today. This afternoon I heard a voice/accent of an African woman! Coach? Script writer?
Jail birds (prisoners) in Britain are now into OPERA. Sun newspaper yesterday published EXCLUSIVE: LES MIS LAGS. Drug-plagued H.M.Prison High Down.Hit musical at up to £70 a ticket.
I just realised, that David Collins, the independent consultant (fire safety risk) hired by Parker Torrington Ltd. did not "carry the appropriate ID"  as notified in Notice (Sat. 21 April). He's been living in Gosport for 20 years.
Anti-Christian. St. George's Sunday parade of scouts in Gosport had not a single Christian symbol.
No report in the local paper. Some scouts were very young (5 years old?).  
The A4 leaflet with programme
In the HYMNS (rev. Andy Davis) there lines:
(3) I danced on a Friday, When the sky turned black, It's hard to dance, With the devil on your back, They buried my body, .....
(4) They cut me down, And I leapt up high; ....
[ Wed. 25 April, 2018] - had a nice talk with Cllr. Graham Burgess. My website is blocked by Gosport Council (internally) for ... Hate and Racism (!).
Thus Cllr. G. Burgess has never seen photos and info I posted there. He shall look at it at home.
Our next meeting is 9:30 a.m. Monday 30 April, 2018.
Scan of Independent FIRE RISC inspection notice from Parker and Torrington Ltd. and the ID (he said e-mail) he provided in handwriting (enlarged):
 HATE Laws (?) Propaganda by Conservative Government in Gosport Library:
Scan of St. George's parade in Gosport (Sunday 22 April):
Scan from a DUTCH scientific paper describing WITCHCRAFT as:
1. Global network of Satanic Sects,
2. Early Organized CRIME: ... they were (regularly) getting assignments to HARM their neighbours.  
[ Thurs.26 April, 2018] - Scans of 4 photos of the Sunday PARADE posted.
Gosport Mayor Councillor Linda Batty (in red robe) is named "The Worshipful Mayor" in the event programme (see 2 scans above).

[ Friday, 27 April, 2018 ] - Just posted a postcard to JAMES COMEY, now retired director of FBI.
I bought his book "A HIGHER LOYALTY" in Portsmouth yesterday (still reading).
On page 114 (ref. policy discussion on torture):
" We protested that just because something was deemed to be legal - based on an opinion we disagreed with - and allegedly effective did not mean it was appropriate."
This is from the highest legal and law enforcement authority !
I have so far put the following argument against Hate Laws:
Hate and/or hatred are feelings, emotions.
You cannot legislate feelings.
The posters (see scans above) are so Orwellian, I wonder about the people/artists who designed them and, more importantly, people who initiated and formulated Hate Laws.
What about pictogram with handcuffs and other details? ...
Is it not offensive to people it is supposed to protect?
In my opinion, it is also counterproductive.
A caricature of what was a ban in USSR of criticism of a political system and 'the leader'.
Anything else was allowed and even encouraged. Some variations/interpretations and allowances over time.
PS: The Gosport postcard got stuck to the top cover of the copy machine, when I made a copy of it.  Static electricity, but never happened before. Two people stood nearby and saw it.
What a small world !... Another quote from page 114:
" ... Condi Rice, who had been national security adviser when the interrogation program was conceived and was now the secretary of state, replacing Colin Powell, "was not interested in discussing the details"."
I saw once on Facebook a family photo of Mezuo Nwuneli (Mezuo, Nkem and Nancy are children of my American friend Lynn Nwuneli ) with Condoleeza Rice. I understood that his mother in law is an ex-Soviet Jewish emigrant who had married a Nigerian from a famous Igbo family.
Condoleeza Rice (Wikipedia) studied RUSSIAN. I wondered how she made that choice.
I met NKEM in London, but we could not really talk in that café in Oxford Circus. People sitting at the next table were so loud.
 Myself and Lynn were introduced by our husbands - both journalists.
 She had asked me to come along as she was to take their staff meeting papers to Lalage Bown (sp?), who was "flaunting her sexuality" .... Many lecturers lived on University of Lagos campus and our homes were extensions of our offices.
Addenda Twenty Two:
Unilag photos in 2 posts from 2010:
[ Sat. 28 April, 2018 ] - Posted my agenda/questions to G. BURGESS at our meeting last Wednesday, which lasted 15 minutes.   
Elections next week: another POLICE and Political SCANDAL in Gosport ?
On the www.gosport.gov.uk NO info about candidates, who nominated them, etc.
I used search function 3 may 2018 elections candidates.
With over 1600 police officers in Hampshire voting NO TRUST in Michael Lane, what is happening in OTHER Police forces ?
Back in April 2016 elections Local Gov. { Soviet in Russian} did not even mention, that apart from local councillors Police Commissioner was to be elected.
My post POLICE commissioner candidates on another blogspot site of mine:
Two more posts from 2016:
Addenda Four
Natasha K+  
Voting may be more of Voting Criminals/Cabal OUT.
[ Monday, 30 April, 2018 ] - Cllr. G. Burgess (appt.) this morning:
1.  He visited my website and did not like what he saw.
2. He said there is nothing Gosport Council can do for me.
3. He suggested that I speak to the Police and wanted to show me where the telephone was - a few  meters away.
4. I replied that British Police is infiltrated by criminals and that is why Amber Rudd resigned.
5. Cllr. Burgess told me that was not why she resigned.
6. End of conversation/appointment.
The scan of draft/agenda I wrote this morning:
[ Tue. 1 May, 2018 ] - Election candidates lists are displayed under dark glass in Gosport B. Council.
I was told info is not (1) on their website. I got the copies on top floor (election services).
Noticed a highly interesting map of Gosport: local development plans up to ... 2029! Suggested it is moved where one can see and read it better (not possible over large table).
Addenda Twenty Three:
[ Wed. 2 May, 2018 ] - Two posts from 2011 and one from 2015 (288, 296 and 331):
[ Thurs. 3 May, 2018 ] - Who is What:
Conservative Party leader in SCOTLAND is LESBIAN and lives with a woman, got a fertility treatment (from recent  i-paper).
My post from 2014 (nr 327) Boy six, in a van with man -
[ Friday, 4 May, 2018] - British Establishment censors/blocks/hacks (usual ways in Gosport library plus more) report of EXPLOSION in Stamford Hill, London during Jewish Lag BaOmer celebrations - as mobile phones (handsets/cell phones) were tossed into bonfires.
Link to report by James Cox (The Sun) in:
I suggested earlier (but before Michael+Bob neighbours (plus woman) fired a high-tech laser gun with infra-red sight at me) that:
1. Mad noisy parties with strange guests (criminal/military/foreign looks, one woman looked like a Russian jail-bird ) were linked to Russian/other submarines in the area. 'Excited' use of telephones.
2. High-tech Fire (unusual 'form') plus satellite dish, plus stare at huge screen in flat 22, plus mobile tel. - ALL may be some sort of SIGNALS or commands in the military sense (with military space satellites).
A mobile phone is a mini-computer. The so-called DARK net is traced with difficulty because (as I read online years ago) the computers (hard discs) that upload pornography+ are destroyed, incinerated, thus destroying info about ciminals' location.
Another detail: men tried to stand/sit UNDER the roof of a (proper) waste disposal hut - at the back of St. Matthews Court 21-32.
From the Dutch news:
[ Sat. 5 May, 2018 ] - made some minor changes in the text of yesterday. 
Select quotes from "A Higher Loyalty" by James Comey:
p. 158: " I HAVE NEVER MET Hillary Clinton, although I tried. .... To this day, I don't know why the meeting never happened."
p. 159: ( "Whitewater") " I was a junior lawyer ... . My focus was largely on the suicide of the former deputy White House councel, Vincent Foster, and the handling of documents in his office. .... I left the assignement when our son Collin died in August 1995 - ..."
p. 206: " I say that with a wife and daughters who voted for Hillary Clinton and walked in the 2017 Women's March in D.C. the day after Donald Trump's inauguration."
Will Patrice Comey write a book? I look forward to it.
From Irish Independent (Friday, 4 May, 2018) -
Hundreds of mourners from the Traveller (?) community gathered in Kent. Henry Vincent (37) died after he broke into the South London home of pensioner Richard Osborn-Brooks (78) and his wife Maureen (76) last month. Despite a large police presence, the scene turned ugly shortly after the 30-minute service ended, with some mourners attacking members of the media.
Youths, covering their faces with hoods, broke away from the cortege to pelt the press with eggs and rocks. ... Two groups of 30 mourners (?) ran at journalists after surrounding them. A photographer was punched in the face.
CATHOLIC Church in Ireland.
Archbishop Eamon Martin has sent a strong signal that the Catholic Church will oppose any attempt to remove the right of schools to teach sex education through the lens of their religious ethos. ... Catholic vision for relationships, chastity, marriage and the family - marriage of a man and a woman.
Church opposes 'same-sex marriage'.
From Amsterdam Fire Service boss Leen Schaap and Amstelveen Mayor Bas Eenhoorn:
No place for members of Motor Clubs ( Hells Angels, Satudarah, etc.) -
Small world ? Family Cohn (Elaine, David and Raphael) in North Yorkshire gave unmistakable signals of friendship/family ties to ....Hillary Clinton plus.
With Israeli and Russian ambassadors ignoring my enquiry, I sent an e-mail to Moscow: Soviet, Jewish, criminal ... .
[ TUESDAY 8 May, 2018 ] - For my Hyde Park free speech ( Thinking Aloud) today:
1. PENSION - I left two blank (and signed) letterheads at my flat in University of Lagos for resignation and sorting out my Unilag pension. Both Sandy and Lynn were interested in buying my furniture, and I decided Lynn needed it most.
Later Diana Pidwell told me that it is 'hopeless', etc.
Local woman (to my hearing): if you have no pension, you should get married.
2. Model of observer effect and point of view.
3. Somali men vs MI5 (MI6) recruitment. Independent, 2009.
4. NYT report on Robert Meuller probe (Michael D. Cohen).
My post (nr 288):
[ Thurs. 10 May, 2018] - corrected the date of last entry here( above) : Tuesday 8 May.
Made an extra Free Speech/Hyde Park Corner/ Thinking Aloud presentation this morning - downstairs in Gosport Library. Made important 'updates'.

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