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Addenda Twenty Seven.

( nr 394 ) - British CABAL update:

1. During Yugoslav war ( about that time ) a documentary in Holland has shown a British general Jackson throwing his mobile phone in annoyance. There was a general dismay about that strange/unfitting behaviour. Suggestive of London Jewish celebrations FIRES/etc. ?

2. Noisy, Satanic gatherings and Pagan/other FESTIVALS were noted for mobile tel. thefts or pretend thefts. Space Military stations (Star Wars tech.) need ground stations.
 So called festivals may de-factor be mobile ground stations, like mobile rocket launchers and DARK NET systems, which burn/incinerate the 'source' of info/command.

3. The Medical Mafia behind murder of Stalin ( ref. his new 1936 Constitution, which reversed Satanic Anti-Christian agenda ) was called in Russian 'Killers in White Coats' - Ubiytsy v belyh halatah. They were Jewish doctors PLUS RUSSIAN doctors, who were working for British Secret Services.

4. British Establishment/British CABAL (ref. my latest theory about Putin being British puppet) may be behind brutal coercion to recruit Russians (among others) so as to sustain their spionage+ network of agents. Example: Russian woman Irina+  network (criminal and spionage+) in Gosport, Hampshire, UK.

5. Britain is behind creation of Israel with all ramifications.

6. Work for British Secret/Satanic Services may be behind suggestions of getting a British friend/husband. British and not German !
British puppet KGB Oleg Gordievski to me in Wassenar, Holland: Did you say the Dutch are OK ?!! ... But they are like Germans!
I was with a British "friend" Ray BURGESS (MI6 spy).
[ Friday, 11 May, 2018 ] - A Dutch friend of an English expat (with Dutch wife) told him he was the only member of staff in a Dutch Ministry of Justice Dept., who was not a homosexual. They ganged up against him (bullying, harassment) and he was out in no time.
[ Monday 14 May, 2018 ] - 1993 - scan of HOMO (?) world congress in Moscow Aug.22-28.
Russian Parliament (Duma) de-criminalised homosexuality secretly in May.
Dr. Mihail Stern (Jewish Ukranian dissident, medical doctor) whom I met 'accidentally' via Friends of Nobel Laureates in Amsterdam, told me he attended an international conference, where all (?) participants (healthy and good-looking people) were in fact homosexuals, which was a secret. He worked in University of Madrid for some time. Could World Congress of Philosophy have been one of those conferences? Smb. wrote about Russian acronym OMOH (Russian n as h) for police as a coded HOMO logo.
Time and Space ! Those words in my abstract for TAAL en CULTUR conference (Russia, Holland, Belgium) were not allowed. But I found a paper abstract in Russian "Space and Time as culturological categories" by M.C. Kagan from St. Petersburg, Section 18.

1993: civil war breakout in Moscow in October (dates overlap with Dutch 911 in 1992):
Whitewater investigations, Clintons, Clinton-Kennard, etc. etc.
Links to my posts (nr) 85, 137, 141 and 282:

Common Purpose was initiated by mysterious Julia Middleton 'from' Switzerland. 
Vince Foster was murdered on 20 July 1993, documents stolen.
TRUMP and ISRAEL: Israeli Football Club wants to change their name and be called
Beitar Trump Jerusalem -
I think I know WHY Hillary Clinton refused to see James COMEY.
Wow !
The only video/clip I found (via bing search) of British General Jackson 'throwing his mobile tel' is definitely NOT the one I wrote about !
No interview, he wore haki, the tel/connection was bad (?) and he swings around, forcefully throwing or near smashing the tel in annoyance.
[ TUESDAY 15 May, 2018 ] - Putting 'clouds' of twins, clones, look-alikes and actors aside and under microscope:
The man at pc 19 upstairs in Gosport Library (11:44) is the one, who came to say he was the boss - John PARKER or Torrington from Parker Torrington Ltd. - in charge of St. Matthews Court in Gosport. I described him originally as Jewish/Latin American looking. MEXICAN (from Mexico).
He put his finger on the word "drugs" in my letter and told me: We can't have this in writing.
Interesting names in HOMO world congress: Gorski, Maltsev, Golubev, etc.
  FEMINIST prof. Patricia G. Smith from Dept. of Philosophy, Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY USA: ... Motherhood is obsolete.
Dr. Rauni Kilde wrote about Vietnam/Korea veterans used as guinea pigs, microchips implanted in babies, Prince William (UK) implanted with microchip at the age of 12, etc.
Gosport Library closes on 4 June and reopens on 14 July.
[ Wed. 16 May, 2018 ] - Yes, that peculiar look/behaviour of guests and neighbours holding bizarre party at the back of St. Matthews Court (flat 21-32) when, as I read in The News (later!) a Russian  submarine was  passing by ... . One character in particular, who combined both military and criminal characteristics had those eyes, which I tried to describe a few times, ..... could he have been related (close or distant relative) to British General Sir Mike Jackson ?
[ Friday, 18 May, 2018] - Reading (looking through ) two books:

1. D-DAY Our Great Enterprise (Gosport Printing 1993) ISBN No: 0 9502036 1 0 by Lesley Burton.
 I bought it in the Tourist Info shop by the Gosport Ferry.

2. The Story of the HAMPSHIRE COUNTY BRANCH of the British Red Cross 1909 - 1991.  Edited and compiled by Miss E Balfour OBE and Miss M F Cullen. ADH Printing 1994.
A scan of the business card of the British MI6 spy Ray Burgess is in my post 271 of 2010:
[ Mon. 21 May, 2018 ] - Scan of covers of 2 books posted: Red Cross Hampshire and CULTS by Peter Haining 1999 Constable &Robinson Ltd, London (ISBN -13: 978-1-84901-034-4 ).
Cult quotes:
1. p 133-134:  ... new religion based on the Black Hebrew movement which taught that Africans were the "true Jews who'd descended from the lost tribes of Israel. ... In the old warehouse a new world was born into which it was vowed no white man would ever be allowed to enter.
2. p 145: ... ever since the capital of Freetown was founded in 1792 by the Sierra Leone Company as a home for black Britons who had fought for Britain in the American Revolutionary War... .
My posts from 2012 and 2015:

[ Tue. 22 May, 2018] - Lesley Burton: D-DAY  OUR GREAT ENTERPRISE (£ 4-50).
Scan of cover posted:

ABRAMOVICH troubles ? - Daily Mail article (with 681 comments) is difficult to print ...
His VIP/Director's Box (Football) is in Stamford Bridge.
[ Wed. 23 May, 2018 ] - Apple lost, found, back to finder.
PALESTINE - Holy Land for Christians paying pilgrimage, Christian Crusades, Christian Monasteries, LAND owned by Christian Churches and Organisations. All Palestinians illegally expelled from their country have Right to Return.
[ Sat. 26 May, 2018 ] - {Tun Dr.} Mahathir Mohamad - Malaysia PM since 10 May 2018.
Had difficulty the other day printing Dutch (NRC) article about Malaysian Prime Minister (92 y.o.) Mahathir Mohamad. I use British Government Computer network in the local library.
His blog:
Just remembered Jenny Oduko's friend in Guilford who had Malaysian husband.
 Is Lindsay also Malaysian? Had difficulty getting in touch (ref. my last visit to Guilford ).
I gave her address as a contact address for Unilag friends (years ago). Could some letters have gotten lost in transit? Did Bruton School for Girls contact Nigerian Embassy in Moscow?
CANADA - Dutch School (St. Aloisius College) Debating team (and other youngsters?) were taken to Medicine Hut - Native Canadian Indian museum as part of a Cultural Program.
WW2 - British Channel Islands occupied :
"The Model Occupation" by Madeleine Bunting, 1995 -
Women and Crime:
[ Wed. 30 May, 2018 ] - Yesterday I spoke about vague/specific similarity between: Roman Abramovich, two teachers (husband and wife? brother and sister?) who were on Eclipse bus E1 between Fareham and Gosport and English teacher in Moscow school 710 (School-laboratory 1 of Ministry of Education of RSSR). Plus COHN family in Yorkshire, UK ?
 Is Lena (nee) Lozhikova the link?
Father in the military (office in Lubianka), mother - editor (?) of SPICHKI (Matches) magazine. The English teacher - German Jewish? Lena spoke about relatives in Germany and receipt of Red Cross parcels. My wedding picture appeared in Red Cross magazine.
COHN family relatives in Germany, US and Iran.
Did Kay Griggs say "they" were never enemies with the Soviets?
[ Friday, 1 June, 2018] - Saw a "look-alike" of Dr. IZMAILOVSKAYA Galina Edwardovna yesterday (Fareham bus E2-Morrisons Gosport).
Luzhniki, Lozh, Luzh, Luzhkov, etc.
Lena Lozhikova told me her (great-?) grandfather was a military (navy) doctor, who found (during med. examinations) the nudity of young men/kadets very 'tempting/irresistible'.
Voronezh in Central Russia was one of the places where German troops prepared for Stalingrad Battle. WW2, Strategy of Tension, Slavery and Genocide:
In Russian: dot SU - SU for Soviet Union.
Sozvezdie is Constellation. Zvezda - Star.
QinetiQ British Defence company in GOSPORT is not far from Gosport Ferry - past JOINT adventure training and HASLAR.
[ Mon. 4 June, 2018] - Last Friday's (1 June 2018] front page of i -newspaper gives a ... partial (?) story about Abramovich (see scan).
 Is there a historic link between KGB Lebedev , Independent and i papers?
I have been taking notice of some pro-British establishment partialities of this paper, but here is smth. different and puzzling.
My posts: De-Stalinize ... (2011):
Addenda Four (2016):
[ Thursday, 7 June, 2018] - D-Day -  6 June, 1944 : 
Military Spionage - Hansen (58) arrested: 

The link to url above is in rmn post:
Additional charges brought against Manafort:
[ Friday, 8 June, 2018] - Argentinian Ministry of Justice investigates tragic death of Ines Zorreguieta (33). Members of Dutch Royal family fly to Buenos Aries today:
Son and widow of Pablo Escobar are charged with money laundering in Argentine:
Colombia: FARC Seusis Hernandez wanted in US:
Two posts from 2016 :
(nr 361) -
(nr 363) -
[ Friday, 15 June, 2018] - Constitutional GUN ownership  - was in the US Republican Party Presidential candidate's Programme. What happened to it ?
It was July 2016, and I reported it in my posts 359 and 360 posting the scans of a text printout:  (full text).

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