Saturday, 17 November 2007

(nr. 85) Gottingen-Yale-Bosnia provides interesting new lines and levels of research and investigations, the link to rmn article:

The FRENCH "humanitarian" charity:

By the way, BRAT and BRAT-2 post soviet films delienate countries, nationalities and 'groups of people, including 'expatriates' and immigrants. The 'axis of evil' is defined as US and France. Britain is out of the picture.
Another recent radio performance: shortly after I wrote about RED LINES, RED CROSS, etc. there was a radio announcer 'James Diamond' and one ... Menendez.
WRONG PARKING yesterday afternoon: HK56RVA and LC-53-HWN.
From a couple of local cases: bullying and assaults in schools taking place in (boys) toilets.

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