Friday, 16 November 2007

(nr. 84 ) Baking Boys .... The day (or two) after I posted " Gottingen, Yale and Bosnia " article on the Expatica (ref. rmn), I saw "Baking Boys" in a supermarket display (only once). Which supermarket? Morrisons, of course.
"THE MASTERS OF DECEIT" was the huge front page headline in our local paper "The News"yesterday. The "masters" were one greedy headteacher and his deputy who fleeced their school of £90,000.
This morning I have heard (9 a.m. news) minister Dennam (?) giving his definition of 'labour market skills' (strategy) for "over 25s". Was it about the "New Deal" project ?
Another bit from Robert Service's book "LENIN": (under the photograph) Number 21 (now 36) Tavistock Place in Bloomsbury, where Lenin stayed while writing Materialism and Empiriocriticism in 1908.
BULLYING is an extremely important subject. "Other children" helping ? Something is not right there. THEIR children can be a danger. "Help" from the wrong party.

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