Thursday, 15 November 2007

(nr. 83 ) ASCI ? - the 'floating codes' I wrote about yesterday seem to be ASCI codes/'font', but my superficial knowledge stops here.
"Wings" or Krylia in Russian is the name of the catering company (in the Gosport 'Library'), which also 'caters' for the Titchfield Bird Sanctuary/centre.
Wrong parking yesterday afternoon: HK56RVA. Made me think for some reason about "Polish/Gypsy Circus Modern".... The landlord is English.
Yesterday in my post box:
- a second letter of recent from INCASSO ( -should see/write to CAB again.
- A thick brown envelope re: MY APPEAL against One Week deduction of my JobSeekerAllowance. Not sure what option to choose, so called oral or paper hearing. I want to represent myself and hope it shall be an OPEN HEARING. I don't have much/any experience with that sort of thing.
LINGO ! The document begins with:
Dear Mrs Galina Antonovna Anikeeva,
You recently appealed against a [handwritten] labour market decision. The office that made that decision has prepared papers ......
So, it is not about rudeness, incompetence and much worse ? LABOUR MARKET ....
LABOUR MARKET DECISION... That is what they call it? It is from Tribunals Service - Social Security and Child Support Appeals.
My complaint about the RUDENESS and incompetence was adviced by CAB consultant as separate from the Appeal. It would go to The Management (PW) of JCPlus first before the Parlamentary Ombudsman (forms given to me by "J"). Since Peter Russel left, new consultants are there and 15 min. time per person call for a greater DIY.
Expatica does not load at all today. What are they afraid of ?
From the "LENIN" by Robert Service book: ... Gulf of BOTHNIA, .... ferry from Turku to Stockholm, .....
sudden death of a N.P. Shmidt in 1907, the (young) nephew of the wealthy Moscow industrialist Savva Morozov (I shall insert other names here tomorrow ). " ... his will left many hundreds of thousands of roubles to his two sisters. Lenin helped to devise a scheme to lay his hands on this legacy by contriving to get two Leninist Bolsheviks, V.K. Taratuta and A.M. Andrikanis, to woo the sisters, marry them and obtain funds for the faction."

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