Wednesday, 14 November 2007

(nr.82) Inviting Spies and Terrorists ! Just managed to post in the "Migrant Issues in Britain" topic in the German Expatica :

The difficulies accessing Expatica persist.
ERROR messages: (113) Connection to (or 102) Failed. etc.
Also (on my blogspot site) some 'floating' codes at the bottom of the monitor, for example:
Message (6) sent: POST
I actually discovered that my blogsite is open for comments (?), while I assumed that I needed to activate it (and I wrote: Go Expatica! - where messages are visible and there is a notification by e-mail). So what "subscribe Atom (?)" at the bottom here means then I am yet to find out.
The (free) counter I attempted to install wasn't good. The codes for the same counter came in two differing variants, url came in two versions (merging, which reminded me of the 'mutant octopus' experience with my old website - Culturelogic). The hits , which I monitored indirectly via links with Expatica in the past, did not seem to be working properly.
And (profiling) the font color code was .... 666666.
On the Gosport JCPLUS jobs database (see yesrday's ref.) the "Number" codes are written/printed as POR 22677. That is rejected at the as incorrect.
It should be POR/22677.
QUOTE from my e-mail to "Mr.Robinson" sent 7 sept.2005, which was distributed widely - embass(y/ies), media, etc. :

" ...Having refused to become an informer for a couple of secret services, I am amazed at the ever intensifying intimidation and victimisation."
They are better than others 'hiding' and having others do what they want, i.e. setting people up, including their own. Masters of deceit.
They are the original clandestine revolutionaries, bolsheviks, puppet masters. All my first hand experience of 'Soviet' system is like a dream. It never really worked, it came from outside - from The ALBION. They are in their element. We never were.
I just noticed that the codes "tt" which enclosed 'message(6) sent: POST ...'. example above actually were treated as codes and seem to have converted into .... font?

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