Tuesday, 13 November 2007

(nr. 81 ) Katyn vs Srebrenica ? Are there any similarities between these two massacres/disappearances ?
11.38 am. - See added paragrah at the bottom, please.
News yesterday were extraordinary in the hush/hype quality. Old news about Stephen (Iwan on the gravestone) Kizshko who was wrongly accused of raping and killing a child etc. DNA tests helped to find the real culprit. Yorkshire (!) police did a wonderful job.
7/7 (no year indicated) was the date when a Belgian/American woman, harassed and threatened by (as I call them) rotten spooks, had her protection lifted by the police in Brussels.
The story as I read it on the net, only increased the number of questions I have about http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/ and the 'suicide' of Dr. Kelly.
And, by the way, "heavy interrogation" expressesion was somehow misplaced in the 'chat' with a British air passenger. It reminded me of the video placed by a British indep. journalist on the http://www.prisonplanet.com/ about UK Police harassment/brutality, which actually ended so well and the police being told about laws of the civilised country...
Dr. Dekker should have told her story first hand on the Internet.
The fire at the Olympic Village item (very brief) came at around 18.16 (!), while the radio 4 news normaly last 2 minutes. I wonder if it's the same 'village'.
And rather strange item on the Tory leadership opinion re: sex education of children. Did not make any sense to me.
Gosport JobCentrePLUS: "Sharon" who wouldn't disclose her surname 'because it's very unusual' actually had the temerity to tell me: "Maybe you spend too much time on the Internet. You should be careful what you write! Go and ask them (in the Gosport Library) if they need a cleaner!". Actually I applied for Asst. Librarian vac. here and in Portsmouth in the past - no luck (the discomfort was palpable).
The 3 vacancies 'Sharon' has printed out for me last Wednesday (which I am actively pursuing) are: GSO 4398, GSO 4370 and POR 22677 (on the http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/ : sewing machinist, trainee benefits assessor and 'team member' in the bakery (at £4.69-£5.56 per hour).
It was probably 5 o'clock news, thus 17.16 not 18.16.
I shall give some details tomorrow about the difficulty of access to www.expatica.com
{http://www.expatica.com/ does not load well/at all since Saturday.}

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