Monday, 29 November 2010

( nr 282 ) Biological field/personal space depicted: (a) - a normal person - protrusion in front, (b) - field of a violent prison inmate - protrusion behind. The scan above are two pages from 1973 publication (in Dutch) "Personal Space" by Dr. Anthonie Stolk.
- 1974 Silent Sound (hypnotic) device diagram - reproduced in "Microwave Ray Gun Controls Crowds with Noise" article by David Hambling (ABC news 2008)
Lev Sadovnik and Vladimir Manasson developing MEDUSA - Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio.
Tel-Aviv - Birobidzhan ( Capital of the Soviet Jewish Republic ) AXIS actually has the North-East direction.
Nord-Ost theater play in Moscow (in which year?) ended in spectacular real terrorist event (?) with the audience (included British VIP Jack Straw, his wife and son) kept hostage by so-called Black Widows (moslem women) from Chechen Republic.
S-theater indeed.
- CONSPIRACY: nice art taken from rmn post (not attributed), with a link, that did not work. Shall check my records.
OIL COMPANIES (or geological survey and exploration branch) have the perfect dual-purpose technology for construction of secret underground bases, i.e. 3-D survey equipment, drilling machines, etc.
VACCINATIONS for girls in Russia same as given to girls in Mexico and Iraq ? see previous post scan about Alexander Goncharov.
Top 4 Human Traffic Buyers
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