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MO - K - SS - GB - AD ..... KGB = MOSSAD.

According to Kay Griggs:
Red 5-pointed Star stands for MI5 and
MI6 is represented and symbolised by the blue six-pointed Star of David.
THE SCANS are: both sides of a scrap of paper and the name card of David Leishman ref visit to Winchester Police Station, my e-mail to Interpol, my registered letter to Ken Gallagher, Head of European Operations, SOCA, London plus registration slip from the Gosport Post Office and the yellow envelope I did not use, because I used a white A4 envelope instead.
The top scan is of an e-mail, sent to some official and private addresses on Wed. 7 Sept. 2005.
The copy machine in the Gosport Library at the time did not have the side tray (on the left) and the copies were collected in the central/inside tray.
The contents of these documents, the timeline and lots of detail in-between ( not shown here ) speak for themselves, illustrate and document events and behaviors that are of great importance to many people today.
I shall continue to read out (some letters) during my daily Speakers Corner presentations. I shall also speak to people outside Gosport.
KGB spies (MP Mike Hancock & Katia Zatuliveter story ) headlines about events in Gosport/Portsmouth are now on national front pages.
{ cont. Tue. 7 Dec.} The local newspaper The News is more reticent about it. Hmm ...
The Chancellor of Portsmouth University happens to have the same surname - Sheila Hancock.
I saw her look-alike, when I came out of Gosport Police station ( 2 yrs. ago?) after they invited me to collect my lost Barclay bank card - a smiling lady, sitting in her car, looking at me. One of those theatrics. There is one Hancock in UN - promoter of gypsy rights, as I remember (from the book "Bury me standing" about gypsies). Soviet images and stories about gypsies were 99% positive, even heroic like in the film " Neulovimye mstiteli".
From story: Katia Zatuliveter (very rare name, is it Russian ?) was a Masters Degree student in BRADFORD (!) researching resolution of conflicts 2.5 years ago.
Apart from Yorkshire Ripper and a recent story of a Bradford University post-graduate student, who is now in prison for murders of prostitutes, there were other "Yorkshire" stories. The taxi driver who went on a shooting spree (from Wakefield ?) was in/near an area, where a Russian woman allegedly a KGB/SVR/NKVD agent - SHELEPINA ( Anatoly SHELEPIN -former KGB boss ) settled with her English husband, a writer.
I feel there are significant if far-fetched links between Wikileaks Assange, Garry McKinnon and
Russian/ "Russian" spies stories.
The key words are: KGB/Mossad infiltration/interference at the highest levels, MK (mind control), man-machine interface, remote mind-control.
The special interest Theresa May (MI5 head, who thinks it's OK for homosexuals to adopt children) took in Garry McKinnon case, combined with the news (Daily Mail+) about some new findings about Asperge syndrome and possibility of Garry comitting suicide and possibility of him being sectioned under the Mental Health Act all make one wonder, what it is all about.
The virtual blackout of info about Haifa (Israel) forest fires is not helpful. Very strange.
The Gardian in UK wrote about a nearby ( Damona ?) Israeli nuclear plant and a deep secret underground base there plus prison where Vanunu (?) is.
Another Chernobyl ? Some real terror act? Nothing happened there?
From a public lecture in Portsmouth University: Chernobyl event was political, not technical.
The S-theater expression, which is mentioned in my post about WHISTLEBLOWER on RMN forum ( ...183548 ) can be also found in my post nr 240 - Wed. 9 December 2009.
The top scan is the e-mail in which I record a very crude attempt to compromise and recruit me by MI6. A secret military document ALMOST got mixed with my papers (people sometimes leave an original on top, not a copy that is not visible in central cavity), the following day the advice "to get to know smb. from MI6", which I indignantly ignored/rejected would have come very helpful (they thought?) for me to avoid embarassment. There was an exaggerated panic about left luggages etc. at the time. It all came from WOMEN in Robinson's office , I guess ( " I did not know, they told me to ... ).
The "retired teacher from Portsmouth" was there and remained silent and immobile, when I tried to ask him if the document was his, as he sat near the copy machine.
Then I gave it to security guard ( 'Brat' film character look-alike).
MASONIC WIDOWS were at the Russian Spectacular concerts in Portsmouth. I think they were in charge.
{ wed. 8 Dec.} The Soviet Jewish Republic ( capital Birobidjan/Birobidzhan ) near Khabarovsk was authorised in 1920 - the same year British Communist Party was formed.
Among the founders of British CP ( CP !) are Tom Mann ( 1856-1941 ), Y. Gallagher, etc.
UNDERGROUND tunnels: Odessa catacombs are 2500 km long - estimate from Russian Wikipedia entry (not in the English one). Donetsk catacombs. Donetsk in Ukraine was formerly called Youzovka - from Hughs family name (original coal mines owners ).
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