Monday, 6 September 2010

( nr 271 ) My 1971 address book: Fradkov Volodia entry (above), next the business card of my "English friend" with whom I attended Oleg Gordievski's visiting lecture in Wassenaar. Could not find any trace of him/his business afterwards (he employed Dutch Engineering graduates at the time). Second time name Burgess came up in UK (past Gosport Mayor).

The remaining scans are pages from ( New ?) British Ecyclopedia and 1986 Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary and my handwritten conjectures about NAMES of PEOPLE and PLACES.


( cont.) Tuesday 7 sept.: an hour ago listened to a christian preacher on High Street in Gosport. He said he'll be back next week.
A new casino "Slot" opened in Gosport two weeks ago.
The top scan is a photo of me, Lynn Nwunelli and Elspeth Hunponu-Wusu. In Lagos University Teaching Hospital there was another Russian woman (wife and mother) - Geta Akande, also from Moscow.
Mail on Sunday, 5 Sept.:
- "Father of Lib Dem aide in MI5 quiz 'is linked to KGB' " - reporters travelled to Zmeika, edge of Caucasus. p.9.
- "BRUTALITY" - front page headline: Pamela Somerville is 59 years old, 5 ft 2in tall and has a degree in microbiology. Pictures continue pp 6 and 7.
- on p.10 report about another group of eminent doctors going to court over Dr.Kelly' death case.
Daily Mail August 28:
- Blairs buy £1m home in cash for daughter.
- Top Tory: I 'm gay and I've left my wife - PRISONS minister Crispin Blunt has left his wife of 20 years to 'come to terms with his homosexuality'.
Mail on Sunday Aug.29:
"Family win 18 yr fight over MMR damage to son" by Martin Delgado.
Daily Mail Sat. 4 Sept. :
- Tax Blunder: Almost six million people are embroiled in the biggest tax blunder for years.
About 1.4 million will have to fork out an average of £1,500 after underpaying through no fault of their own.
RACISM ??? Case 1972 (?): my ex-husband (Victor Udom) doing his Masters in Journalism in MGU, also lived in the MGU building, where majority of students were "Russians"/Soviets - 'inogorodnie' - not Moscow residents. Moscow residents lived in their parents' house.
One Russian lad, a friend of my ex, got drunk and had a fight with him. Authorities considered it a political crime and, since the offender was a known trouble-maker (not really ...) decided to expell him from the university.
Victor went to the Dean to plead that they should not ruin the man's life. His arguments were as follows:
1. We are friends ! X. started the fight, but 'lost' - lost one tooth ... . Drink is to blame.
2. There is NO racism ! Men fight, men will always fight.
3. As for 'racism' or 'racists', he has no problem with these people. Actually he prefers to deal with people who are honest. You know where you stand. Better than hypocrits.
Besides, racism goes two ways.
.... They still expelled the poor guy.
13:20 (Wed.)

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