Monday, 13 September 2010

( nr 272 ) Going up: The Daily record article about "editing" of photographs; Peter Hitchens writes about Peter Thatcher in The Mail on Sunday; two letters to Daily Mail: the truth about Blitz and Raymond Leslie Morris, the murderer.
My KGB-Mossad collage written again as a "Formula". Where the first and the last bits are actually Russian letters: MO - for Ministry of Defence and AD - is "hell" in Russian.
The top article is from about ...that idea about RECONCILIATION, etc.
FORGIVENESS ? Another story: about 2004 (?) there was a meeting in a Gosport Church (St. Francis ?) with a British Policeman (was he Irish ?) who had his face disfigured ( scars) by a thug , with whom the policeman , HAVING FORGIVEN HIM, MADE FRIENDS ... .
Utterly sick ... .
Roughly at the same time, there were localy some calls (in churches !) to forgive: all shall be forgiven, even pedos ... .
It's more ANTI-CHRISTIAN than Christian.
In most situations, the question of forgiveness simply is not relevant, not applicable.
I wrote smth. about South African "reconciliation" (shall check ref.).
Just two good questions:
1. Who are the War-Makers ? We still don't know the truth about WW2 ... .
2. How and why people (sodomites/agents) were admitted to Catholic Church at all, well before they commited those crimes ?
Zigmund Freud ... Was he abused by a woman as a child ? Time is up today.
Tuesday 14 September 2010:
The "Christian Preacher" as I called him, did not show up today, contrary to his promise ... .
Next week, maybe ? I made a short speech about the " Mystery smell over Gosport" (a week ago). I shall write about it here in my next post.

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