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Addenda Twenty Three.

( nr 390 ) - THEY mock us : Statue of Liberty is a MAN dressed like a woman - transgender Castrated Wife of BAAL (by Lymerick):
The link page is difficult to print.
By the way, I wondered about similar (?) Justice sculptures, where the idea of a blindfolded woman holding scales seems incongruous to me for at least 3 reasons.
BLUEBIRD - by Dr. Ross  ( Colin A. Ross MD ) -

Satanic abuse/experimentation on adults and CHILDREN ...
British homosexuals in AFRICA - how much harm done?
As a prominent member of the cabal, is Lalage Bown implicated in the death of my good friend Lynn Nwuneli ?

What about another friend Ramatu Abdullahi?

What about children and grandchildren of Lynn and Ramatu ?
Many more people and stories.
PS: "The man with the ear-ring" and a child on High Street this morning at about 10:07.
Controled by local women.
So far no replies/responses from Susan NORTH (Skipton) and Diana PIDWELL (Blackpool).
Years ago the father of Jenny Oduko in Guildford said to us (a group discussing a conference in Israel): Don't go to Israel.  Nobody should go to Israel !
My two posts of February 2011 (287and 288):
Women and crime:
[ Sat.17 Feb. 2018 ] - Little girl Insiya kidnapped in September 2006 from her grandmother's place in Amsterdam:
Earlier report of Dec. 2017:
My post Addenda Eighteen:
British media has widely written about Navalny as almost the only Russia's presidential candidate.
There are 8 candidates - LIB-DEM (!) and APPLE= YABLOKO (!) among them:
Baburin, Grudinin, Zhirinovsky, Putin, Sobchak, Suraykin, Titov, Yavlinsky.
Got a card from Diana Pidwell. She writes that she does not work for MI5/6.
Told "Paul Cleg" that I don't want to hear his voice ('greetings') a few minutes ago.
Blocked by British Establishment ( IT Hampshire ) -
free PDF books on
[ Mon. 19 Feb. 2018 ] - Communists (!) are alive and well in Russia. British Communist party is active but never spoken or written about.
British Media, having widely written about Navalny as the leader of The Opposition ( to Putin), declared after his nomination was cancelled, that "Putin shall stay" as the other 2 candidates can not be taken seriously ( can not win ). The two were: 36 y. old woman Sobchak and a man whose name ...has D or d letter (can't remember).
Is PUTIN a puppet of "British Empire" ?
ALL videos on News/Forum websites have NO SOUND on a British Gov. network IT Hampshire.
Jamming has turned to a total 'blackout'. The turning point as I remember, was the video of Nigerian Governors paying surprise visit to the Presdent in Abuja House in London.
[ Wed. 20 February, 2018 ] - Further to my OPEN Letter (THIMC)  of  9 January, wrote another one this morning. All marks of S-theater, perpetrated in the British Establishment region.
Some history: Satanic Anti-Christian vandalism plus professional actors back in 2012 on Sunday 6 May - 10th anniversary of assassination of Dutch polititian PIM FORTUIN (sp?) who wanted to radically change relationship between Men, Women and Children.

As I said earlier today:

(1) Proverbs:
  -  Friend in need is a friend indeed.
  - Glupy drug opasnee vraga (Foolish friend is more dangerous than an enemy).

(2) Yougoslavs in Holland were wondering how The British knew about super-secret meetings their politicians held before the war - ref. BBC documentary series "Death of Yougoslavia".
"The British/BBC" knew because THEY were the secret manipulators behind the scenes and had spionage networks in Europe and US.
The Americans, however, became the scapegoats, as they bombed Belgrade. Americans also bombed Japanese cities. Here goes Anti-Americanism !

(3) My friend Diana Pidwell seems not to realise that she, as a clinical psychologist, is in the eye of the storm. Shoemaker without shoes? ... Which Alphabet Agency? ....
[ Thurs. 22 Feb. 2018] - Scan of InBiZ ( Job Center Plus contractor) - card of Julian Robinson - former Navy Intelligence officer. Ref. my e-mail to him about UGLY attempts of MI6 to recruit me using harassment, which, as I pointed out, was organized by Establishment.
He later told me, that "... he did not know, that he was told to ..."
His office was full of women, the type I refer to as "Irina+" spionage/criminal network.
I sent copies of that e-mail to some people/organisations, incl. my friend Diana Pidwell.

One post with the scan of that E-mail dated 7 September 2005 is in my post (nr 283) of 6 Dec. 2010:
[ Friday, 23 February, 2018 ] - News: yesterday Trump's offer to give guns to teachers to protect students, was followed up later by announcement that he is for stricter gun control and .... the voice on air was not (at all) that of US president.
Dutch Pim Fortuin was Jewish and openly homosexual. Sunday 6 May 2012 was also a Second Jewish Passover. Dutch musicians from the Hague, V-C Prof. Craven, Georgian countess, Head of Music Portsmouth University. Very theatrical pink hat was on display in our foye. Jewish students.
I have a post LY plus on this website. American Communist Youth org. has a logo of 3 letters:
L, Y and C.
HOMELES (?) people locally were announced to be/include SAS ( military) people.
The horror homeless (?) man seemed to have smashed a 'smart material' glass. The special glass was discovered by me by accident in Gosport market years ago (Indian looking traders).
As I encountered him indoors, some moments of interest:
1. He was coming out of our floor (flats 25-28).
2. I left my door unlocked, he could have stolen smth. from any flat or storage.
3. At one point he was on the landing opening door next to appt. 25, his left hand in his pocket. I did not 'get scared' and he just stood there swaying. Said smth. in unclear voice and I asked him to repeat. The word was MOBILE. I said I had none.
4. Upstairs one capboard door with el./gas meters was ajar. A large milk bottle was next to the entrance door (inside) a day before.  First empty, later with water. I threw it away.
The WOMAN from flat 24 (with black window blinds) who (I am convinced) is related to MICHAEL in flat 23 (the shooter) was coming in today (and going out Tuesday morning) wearing 'zebra' coat and color red. 'Next' a man wearing red, black and grey colors.
Years ago (with Polish neighbours in that flat and the top flat 32) there was (?) some zebra motives (dress, car) and an exotic (?) ZEBRA musicians band coming to play in a pub next to the MASONIC hall. Seemed East-European or Balkan, I could not tell or find out.
Some definite themes of WW1, WW2 incl. Prisoners of War and Slavery (black and white slavery).
Jewish Youth Activists who very speedily came out in force to sweep and clean broken glass in Central London had very Soviet/Kibbutz or collectivist style. Was it around WW2 memorial events?
Can't remember.
Holland: obviously fake and violent activists (Soros? - he openly defended Communism) who declared Black Peter and Farther Christmass (St. Nikolaas) racist, wrote on Facebook that "shattered glass would cover faces of children". Shall look for the article with photos.
My Indian neighbour opposite had very much lighter complexion last time I saw him.
Yes, those Extreme Left ... psychopaths (?).
Last year (?) there was smb. in Paris who desecrated the alter of famous cathedral by shooting himself over it.
The threatening words of Michael van Zeijl -
leader of Dutch extreme-left action group De Grauwe Eeuw (could find nothing about it on Wkipedia !) were actually not about broken glass, but "brains and bone splinters" of ... Father Christmass !
 - " ... alle kinderen er getuigen van zijn (...) en massaal onder zijn hersens en botsplinters bedekt zitten." -
[ Mon. 26 Feb. 2018 ] - DAVID FLOYD - Pink Floyd - Asperge Plus:
scan on purple background from The Sunday Times of yesterday.

Also yesterday upon seeing Sunday Mail headline about Helpline for Veterans, I exclaimed:
Oh, No ! Absolutely UNSAFE. Another charity ? .... With push to legalise drugs/narcotics ?
Telephone lines are of course, 'hackable' and criminals, such as abusers of children, would very much want to listen, etc. What about not knowing who you are talking to ? As I voiced my protest in Waitrose supermarket, a shop attendant with a distant resemblance to The Michael (flat 23 St. Matthews Court, Gosport) sort of banged loudly the crates he was packing.
Michael the SHOOTER, who had shot a high-tech gun (with laser sight) at me.
He, by the way, had banged his door last time I saw him.
Hypnotic commands/messages are also used by Mind-Control and Brain-Washing experts.
Cllr Burgess did talk/listen to BOB in flat 22. Why did police not come to take my report? Was Cllr Burgess also threatened or shot at ?
The woman in flat 24 looked shocked/frightened when she saw me. Did they think I'd drop dead ?
Where does she work?
[ Tue.27 Feb. 2018 ] - I think I saw former (?) CAB advisor this morning, who was the best (chem. engineer) but told me "We can't do that" when I officially asked for INVESTIGATION ref. my e-mail of 7 Sept. 2005.
Lot's of dots and connections. Shall try to be quick today.
Diana Pidwell works in both government and private sectors: NHS and COHEN associates.


Two scans from The News of yesterday about funding, charity, NHS, PTSD, Combat Stress, Royal Navy veteran David Coomber and his wife Janice.
Also news about wedding of FAREHAM MP Suella Fernandes and Rael Braverman.
[ Wed.28 Feb. 2018] - More details about "homeless bandit" incident:
1. Tesco bag was thrown over the bush.
2. A black woman ran/hopped past St. Matthews Court (seen before)
3. The large milk bottle got filled with water or fuel, but I decided to just pour it out and throw the bottle away.
4. So-called smart materials and high-tech apps/weapons were used before - as from Sunday 6 May, 2012. Ref. door frame, iron gate.
5. A man I spoke to Tuesday last week had tattoo up to his elbows. I remembered him when seeing same tattoo on a young woman working in Tesco, Grange Road.
Word 5 in Bulgarian is PET (same as in other Slavonic languages), so Prof. Petkov is Prof. Fiver/de Vijver ... .
Slovak Investigative Journalist Jan Kuciak ( 27) and his girl-friend Martina (or Marina) Kusnirova were murdered mafia-style on Sunday. Jan Kuciak worked for
Slovak Police are in contact with Italian and Czech Police.
Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in law, looses access to classified/secret information:
[ Thurs.1 March, 2018] - Maria Troskova among names in unfolding story from Slovakia:
A few years ago it was only EUROPEAN Arrest Warrant that helped the arrest of a major mafiozi in Britain. Forgot his name. He ran a Travel Agency.
IT Hampshire 'does not want' articles from Slovak Media printed - reporting some internal error.
Articles such as "Valcek Interview: With Jan Kuciak, we got to the Mafia through Troskova".
I noticed very strange sentence ( from RSF ?) about statistics: This is the fifth case of a journalist or journalists being murdered in an EU country in the past 10 years. - ????
 A few names omit Kim Wall. Text hacked? I quote from my scribble, as the printing was not possible. Was it on Slovak Spectator?
Is Danish Madsen related to Madsen woman manager of FAREHAM Shopping Center?
British Communist Party has a Post Box address in Leeds, Yorkshire. ASDA supermarkets have HQ in Leeds.
My post LEEDS to ITALY from 2012:
LY plus:
Gosport Voter/Civic ... Register is available for general sale and can be used for any purpose !!! -
[ Friday, 2 March, 2018] - IT Hampshire (British Gov. network), having blocked printing of the last report of Jan Kuciak on and other Slovak websites, allowed printing from Slowak PRAVDA website:
The title of the unfinished report is:
Talianska mafia na Slovensku. Jej chapadla siahaju aj do politiky
US Sanctions List on the Treasury website:
Sanctions List Search:
[ Sat. 3 March, 2018 ] - IT Hampshire ( British Gov. network ) at it again:
the printout of data on PROPERTIES sales is sabotaged. Blue and yellow "key" explaining the graph of Sold properties in our PO12 Gosport area, incl. St. Matthews Court is blanked out.
Go to House Prices in my area on
I also looked up prices in our block on Leaders estate agents site. Criminal Vandalism destroys properties and make people flee, selling the house for fraction of its price to the criminals, who vandalised it (MAFIA) in the first place.
I heard the word Totalitarism for the first time from Leonid Timochouk.
2014 post Nelson and Lloyds:
The seven Italian men (26-62 years old) arrested on Thursday are released (after legal 48 hours) in Slovakia. What is next ?

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