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Addenda Twenty Five.

( nr 392 ) - Palestinian photo journalist shot dead today. Many more casualties:
[ Mon. 9 April, 2018] - British Government IT network "refuses" (blocks) printing ALL news articles on Israel + Palestinians: from Daily Mail,, AP, AFP, Reuters, etc.
TOPICS: Threats, innuendo in Israel questioning of Palestinian teen; Why Israel feels threatened ...; Right of Return ... .
Addenda Twenty Four:
[ Tue. 10 April, 2018 ] - Holland, Rotterdam, April 10-12, 2018: IDEC conference.
Shall speak about it later.
13:40 - Forgot to say, that my ad (Culture-Logic) in European newspaper (1995?) was published with a ... wrong tel. number. They made a mistake, I corrected it (per fax) but they went on to publish the wrong number. What was censored? Perhaps TEXT - crucial to Language and Thinking. Just like SPACE and TIME were not accepted for a report at the Bilingual Conference in Moscow ( Belgium-Netherlands-Russia).
[ Wed. 11 April, 2018] - On people of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc:
Before ANYTHING they DID or DID NOT DO (under investigation right now) they are guilty of maleficia (sp?), evil designs (moral, technical, psychological) of their computer programming.
The designs are evil, anti-Christian, undermining God, Nature and Human Civilisation.
"Mass Deaths by Opioids ..." post by Jon Rappoport, link in:
16:39 - four scans of my presentation at the April 1997 MOSCOW conference "Language and Culture". Proceedings 1999, ISBN 5-02-022599.

[ Thur. 12 April, 2018 ] - Drug-addicts (wittingly or unwittingly) include people 'on top'. I remember US pres. candidate Ross Perot pointed to apparent drug-induced state(s) of Bill Clinton.
He also had an idea of direct gov. method by families joining computer network to vote per question or issue. Would have made all those sponsors/donors/etc. redundant. Donors, by the way, donate to all parties, so that they can benefit whoever wins.
Another way to help election process: have OPEN (not closed) voting boxes with party/candidate name written on the box/urn. Additionally have one SECRET/CLOSED box for voters, who want to keep their choice SECRET.
The COOK of Russian president V. Putin may have been adding some special, addictive or narcotic substances to the food he cooks. A photo and his special status point to that. Old staff. In Russian: Ih traviat I zombiruyut. May apply to other polititians.
From " Folklore of HAMPSHIRE" (2010, isbn 978 0 7524 5179 4) by Penny Legg, p. 96-97.
A witch Julie Forest: I feel there is a great need for witchcraft in the 21st century. Christianity has lost a lot of its popularity and power and needs to be replaced by something else."
[ Friday, 13 April, 2018] - Palestinians protest in Gaza:
Blok and Lavrov in Moscow:
British submarine AFFRAY was lost on 16 April, 1951 near Channel island Alderney. A monument with names of the officers can be seen on the embankment in Gosport near Gosport Ferry.
[ Monday, 16 April, 2018] - REAL NEWS (obscured by hasty bombings ...) :

John Apter, chairman of the Hampshire Police Federation had put vote of No Confidence in Police boss Michael Lane and received an overwhelming support !
PM (Conservative) Theresa MAY supports adoption of children by homosexuals.

American general Mattis (sp?) is described as a homosexual - "never married". The NATO (boss?) British general appears on a photo (with an Albanian) as somebody with serious problems.

My early observations in Gosport about " S-theatre" and women involved in crimes (old vice women and young ones controlling men) - all correspond to Col. McColl's (sp?) expose of LLOYDS Lesbian Pedophile network: hard crimes and sexual blackmail.
What I call(-)ed Irina Plus Spionage/Criminal network belongs there.
A one-liner (old): gorod vedm, prostitutok, sodomitov I stukachei.
My post 289 from 2011:
My post Addenda Ten:
My post WOMEN and CRIME:
Hampshire Police Federation:

American Embassy Plus:

Holland and Russia 1992-1993:
DUTCH 911:
[Tue.17 April, 2018 ] - Young Americans and young Russians killing each other in Syria ?!....
Death of Maxim Borodin in many reports: on BBC, etc.
His paper (New Day) is based in ... Ekaterinburg and has a very short report.
That city has interesting 'links':
1.  Russian general (forgot his name) talked about 'patriotic upbringing of young Russians'
2. Nuisance visits from a 'Russian' woman who worked for (ex?) Soviet Jewish owners of Casino in the Hague, who was 'hired' from Israel.
[ Wed. 18 April, 2018] - (cont.) - The general ( from Ekaterinburg )was accused by some Russian journalists of giving command (tel) to shoot the Mal. Airplane. In his refutation, the Russian general said he was long retired and only (!) busy with the 'patriotic upbringing' of youth. That reminded me of nationalist, patriotic, pro-Putin, Berezovski-sponsored Youth Movenment IV (ru:Iduschie Vmeste). Members were to have brainwashing per mobile telephones (psychologist advisers, etc.).
When I lived at 198 Saffierhorst, Mariahoeve, The Hague, I had by strange coincidence/proximity comments about how spacious my apartment was. One was from British diplomat Adam Noble, who after my Russian lessons successfully passed top level exams. Another was from a young Soviet Jewish Ekaterinburg woman, who emigrated to Israel and was then employed by an (ex-) Soviet Jewish couple (owners of Casino in Scheveningen) as a 24/7 nanny for their young baby daughter.
One day, family friend and a good Samaritan Joseph Fontaine-Pennock (sp?), the father of Vincent Pennock who was kind enough to help my daughter with French lessons and myself - with financial accounts, etc., told me about the Jewish woman in their neighbourhood. He first heard her speak Russian and asked if she was Russian. She angrily(!) replied that she was not Russian, but Jewish! How could anyone think she was Russian?!
I agreed to take her out shopping, and she became a pest, declaring that we are now friends, that I am invited to visit her family (of six) in Israel, that her family will come to visit and stay with me .... .
She, by the way, told me that the baby girl she looked after, slept in her bed (!).
I 'visited' several Russian and English language website yesterday, reading about murdered Russian journalist Maxim BORODIN.
Came upon a sick attempt in RUSSIA to hide WW2 history!
D-Day: 6 June 1944 has a memorial opposite Gosport Ferry.
In 2016 some people in St.Petersburg decided to establish obscure Day D in Russian. British Gov. IT blocked printing of their website, but I have it printed from another site:
D is supposed to stand for writer Sergei Dovlatov.
It also fuzzies another important history of a young Russian military engineer (satellite communications), who came/defected to Holland a few years ago. His name was ... Damlatov (?).
Through computer mistake in prison system he was moved to a deportation prison, where he is supposed to have committed suicide.
Some links:
Long url (can't be seen) from Australian website:
Spoke to Tony Elbourn today (ref. Chess Club).
Rotten Lib-Dem V. Zhirinovski at work? Yougoslavia and now Syria ? ...
By the way 1917 revolution annulled Russian Imperial Laws (which were already eroded by liberals:  Nabokov &Co.), thus legalizing sodomy and other vice.
STALIN government made homosexuality, etc. a crime again in the New 1936 Constitution.
The split between Stalin and Tito (Yougoslavs) and Albanians is nowhere explaned.
Could tolerance or cultural acceptance of homosexuality, pedophilia, etc. in Balkan countries/region have been a factor?
[ Thurs. 19 April, 2018 ] - Was there some BlackOp or so-called POLICE training in Gosport yesterday at about 8 o'clock in the evening? Blue unmarked car? ... .
Monica Knight ( Polish woman) looked rather upset, her younger friend (short blond hair, round face) looked also upset, but calmer.  There was light in Police office of the Gosport Borough Council. Did they receive telephone calls? Satellites Plus know all comings and goings.
New Dutch Minister of Home Affairs Ollongren (sp?) is a lesbian woman, who lives openly with a woman and child. That info was on Wikipedia English language entry and not in Dutch language, when I checked it. Her photo was a look-alike of a Russian woman in the Hague (Tania from Sochi, Crimea), who worked in Raetheon (sp?) American company. A blond woman in Morrisons (I spoke to her this morning) whom I 'placed' in Finland, seemed unusually happy/glad, as if she knew about new gov. appointments.
Developed (collected) my photos yesterday in Fareham.
Hmm, some people are upset about my taking pictures? ... .
See 6 scans of 8 pictures:




From top:
1.  Bob (neighbour from flat 22 - ref. shooting at me with Michael from flat 23/24) sitting in the Paula's Vegan Bakery - opposite Fox Pub.
2." Russian woman Irina" - made a sharp turn to Evans shop when she saw me with a camera.
3. Some "HATE"posters - George ORWELL style from ....British Government !
4. Children with criminals: one in Portsmouth, another by FAREHAM library. Fareham library spot is 'next' to where there was a pornographic Russian Ballet poster with two boys prostitutes standing 'under' that poster.
5. A man I have no name for (ref.CAPITA bld.). Used to avoid my camera before. Change of attitude!
Two more characters not here (yet): silent and hostile "Italian Mafiosi" and Kenian woman, who shouted at me and even went hysterical.
The fact that they are in a public space, full of CCTVs and photo cameras in every mobile tel. held by people  (outdoors or indoors) does not cross their minds.
Made correction above: added t to I.
There is a pub in Gosport called Gypsy Queen.
Some photos have 'people of interest' very small and hardly visible. For example: a family (?) of man, woman and child (girl) - turning the corner opp. Morrisons into the High Street.
The man I called "the man with an earring". Years ago after a 'stare' episode on bus (children with homosexuals), I waited for a bus (Safeway or Morrisons) that was delayed. A police and an ambulance came with a siren. As I looked at the back of a bus station, there was a dead body of a young heavily pregnant woman lying on her back behind the bushes, flies above.
My daughter was pregnant at the time.
 Two incidents in ASDA shop:
1.(Inside) the woman shouted: somebody is going to hit you!
2.(Outside) the man shouted: smb. will hack your fingers off!
[ Sat.21 April, 2018] - Just happened to 'run into' Cllr. Graham Burgess in the Morrisons supermarket this morning. Made an appointment to see him in his office Wed. 25 April at 9:30am.
The street scene ( or S-theatre as I call it ) the other day (Police BlackOp) on my way home from Gosport library:
1. Police woman (angry?) with 2 dogs walking past library entrance;
2. The RAF (Royal Air Force) helicopter (silver-red) over FOX pub might have caused air turbulence (no wind) that lifted black plastic garbage bag piece shaped as a square right in front of me.
Since yesterday my fridge "sings" - fluids rumbling and ice forms inside. High-tech joke?
My posts from 2016, 2017 and 2018:
(14:18) - I am in Fareham Library now. A dvd game on sale (20 pounds) for children (!) in the WHSmith shop (opposite Fareham Bus Station) is Exploding Kittens, "for those who are into kittens and explosions". Took picture.
I also took pictures of a big POLICE SHOW this morning in Gosport. Apparently it is meant as an attraction/publicity for " police commissioner Michael Lane". Not a word about NO TRUST from Hampshire Police officers!. Not a word about 1600 strong vote in National Papers, - see scans of articles above in this post (Addenda Twenty Five).
Sweden. Young DJ Avicii died in OMAN. I remembered how Swedish woman politician Anna smth. was stabbed to death in a Supermarket years ago. Should ask Monika on Facebook about Avicii.
Saw the Kenyan (?) woman with children in the Fareham Shopping Centre. I think I saw her husband time ago in Gosport.

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