Saturday, 16 June 2007


(nr.6) Kathaksung on the Expatica Forums had written a brilliant description of Puppets, called informers, stukachi, provocateurs, agents and what not. The latest is his post nr. 488 of June 9, 2007 - a 'must' read.
".... they usually work part-time .... chosen for excessive harassment of innocent citizens .... bullies, perverts, racists, ex-convicts and other dregs whose sole purpose is to drive people crazy and ruin their lives.
... bizarre group of people showing up everywhere you go .... and behaving like psychotic clowns."
I remember first being aware of strange behaviours (before they turned 'child-molesters') in Gosport and writing: I called them STUMBLING PUMPKING, I didn't know they were called PERPS!
I call it S-theater (S for satanic, sinister, sodomite, sadistic, stupid, simply silly often bordering on imbecile and in bad taste).
Some of them are regulars and are easily recognisable, their 'trainers' often in close proximity.

Yesterday was the last day of Gateway to Work course in Portsmouth. It's not a big secret that unemployed, who attend so-called courses are often temporarily taken off the unemployment lists or put in a different category, so that figures and statistics look better.

ALL courses I attended were venues for puppets training. Questions, behaviours, social engineering at its worst. Some trainers are 'middle chain' with Coordinators usually out of sight.
This Wednesday one participant brought me 2 pages from Tuesday issue of The Daily Telegraph - asking me 'to read in reverse' an article by Rachel Sylvester. The second page was Letters to the Editor with a contribution from .... Oleg Gordievsky.
Today they announced Queen's Birthday Honours List with Salman Rushdie, 'Dame' Edna and Oleg Gordievsky being among recipients. The first two are on front pages of newspapers, Gordievsky's name - on Channel Four Radio News this morning.

Coming Wednesday I am to see Stephanie Simpson of Gosport Job Centre Plus.
I hope she won't have her s-ribbon around her neck this time (black background with small white ribbons and text : Tickled Pink).

Last but not least! A woman who was next to me in the computer room in Gateway to Work for 2 days and asked me to help her with a Word doc. had just her name and address typed (impossible not to see) with the surname ... PENNOCK.
Perhaps as a follow-up of sorts, an hour later in the Carnegie Library, a visitor showed her card to the receptionist (which was simultaneously for me to see) with "Mrs Carnegie" on it.
Vincent sounded almost alarmed when I phoned him 2 years (?) ago.

PS. ( Mon.18 June) I slightly edited the text above, notably it was Wed. 13 June (not Thursday) when I was given The Daily Telegraph pages, which, by the way, were too crumpled for a day old paper.

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