Friday, 1 June 2007

Litvinenko +

(nr.5) The way media (under-) reported Andrei Lugovoi (Lugovoy) statement at his international press-conference yesterday speaks loads. I found The Sun website ref. to it, but did not find the news in 'The Sun' or 'The Times' newsPapers yesterday. Just bought Financial Times - the only paper, which has Lugovoy on its front page today. Two websites, which I commented on in the past: RMN and reported NOTHING (as I write this).
Just a glimpse into a greater truth, but how refreshing ... .
Not a great 'rhyme', but:

Litvinenko, Lugovoi - MI6 zabud pokoi !

FPM Margaret Thatcher coming to God's Port this Sunday!
On Monday I go to CDG Portsmouth (Venture Towers) for NewDeal25+ (!) courtesy(?) Gosport JobCentre+ .

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