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( nr 292 ) ZENITH Radio Corporation, International Division, Chicago, 60639, U. S. A.


A wonderful edition of "Turgenev" by Edward Garnett - a gift from Dan Fyfe of Glasgow, Scotland (1973 travel to UK with a stopover in West Berlin).


1993 Russian book "The Meaning of Zionism" by Vladimir Stepin. If one substitutes Cabal International in place of Zionists, the tactics and strategy described there explanes some morden phenomena, i.e. quangos and charities. I talked about it at my Speaker's Corner.


SECRET UNDERGROUND SPACES. A couple of years ago Tesco (?) shops offered to open ..... detention facilities (!) in their buildings (when police stations were closing).

Almost funny: back in 1999 (?) in Mariahoeve Winkel Centrum in The Hague a Ukranian woman waiting in a queue (sp) at the supermarket cashier heard a voice behind her: "Grazhdanochka, PROIDEMTE !" - as if a policeman was arreasting or detaining her. It was a joke, of course. Two scans, as there were distractions and mistakes (?).

My comment to an article at Vatic Project blogspot website: .....


MoS wins battle to name SAS soldier on child sex charges (Government's 'secrecy order' is overturned). Mail on Sunday 15 May, 2011, by Martin Delgado.

Corporal Ian Tuckley faces 31 charges, including raping and indecently assaulting girls as young as six. The second man is Martin Finney. Both were arrested last October.

Lingo: Public Servant . Hmm .... There were Civil servants (civil or gov. vs military) and now ? Public servants and Private servants ?


Children on pages 41 and 45 from a Dutch book "Joodse Wijsheid" translated as Jewish Wisdom by Olav Paul, illustr. by Wil Berg. The first picture - Poland: 10 000 Jewish orphans in 1943 evacuated to Teheran (in Iran).

The second picture is not explaned.

Persia or Iran is compared to /named "Asiatic Poland" and a young Jewish woman, working as police informer (KGB), who pretended to be Persian/Iranian, did not mislead a Frenchman, visiting Moscow in 1925 : Shall check the pages later.


I read somewhere that Queen Victoria was a Russophobe, but it was not elaborated. I also read elsewhere that there was a medical doctor, a surgeon from Ukraine, who was one of the suspects in Yorkshire Ripper case ( autumn 1888). From "The secrets of the Freemasons" by Pat Morgan, 2006:


The killings started with that of Mary Ann Nichols on August 31 and continued with Annie Chapman (September 8), Elizabeth Stride (Sept. 30), Catharene Eddowes (also Sept.30), and Mary Jane Kelly (Nov.9).

... Queen Victoria's private doctor, Dr.William Gull, who was a Freemason.

.... story expounded in great detail in Stephen Knight's 1976 book "Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution". It seems the Queen ordered Gull to carry out the killings because the unfortunate victims had knowledge of a clandestine marriage between a prostitute, Annie Crook [a Catholic], and one of Victoria's grandsons, Prince Albert Edward.
On a picture of 'Masonic Lodge of Old ...' both women and men attend the meeting.


The Back Page of all newspapers is practically wasted (?), wheras written statements from people who may object to allegations/reports in media could and should (legalese from the profession, which ties clients' hands should be removed or adjusted) make clear written statements - not too long and with URL of texts or videos on Internet. Any money impediments or threats should also be removed and not obstruct the way to truth and justice. We hear that IMF boss was offered/asked to make a written statement, but refused to do so.

War on Language and Thinking? ....

Knowledge, Understanding, Skills and Abilities.

Geology, Antropology, Reflexology .... REFLEX-o-logy: study of (Pavlovian) Reflexes.

Truth and Reason. Justice and Understanding.

Rights and Wrongs, Responsibilities, Duties, Privilegies, Limitations/Prohibitions, etc.



The Navy Medical Labs (maps on my spot-a-gosport blogspot website) in Gosport must be the place of MK-Ultra, cloning, etc.


Gosport hosts Children of Chernobyl, Children of Beslan, etc.

Hrodno/Grodno is where Meyer Lansky and Tsipi Livni (among others) have roots.


In mid-nineties, I attended lectures of the Dutch Royal Institute of International Affairs in the Hague. In their library I was surprised to read about regular (observer) attendance of EU meetings by representatives of .... not the democracy/pro-western Russian parties, but people from the Communist and Lib-Dem (Vladimir Zhirinovski's) parties. There was also a mention of Young Turk/Russian politicians in research papers.

I was surprised/shocked to learn that V. Zhirinovski is still active in Duma and recently said that Russia is responsible for (space weapon) attack on Japan.


Friday, 27 May travelling to Skipton.



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