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( nr 299 ) Today 11-9 is a reverse of 9-11, depending on how you write dates: day or month first.

Some LINGO: Court travesty engenders contempt. Do rules prohibit CONTEMPT of JUSTICE?


[ Thursday 10 November 2011] -

TWO TOP scans are for my yesterday's (3rd?) reply to "Cuddle cat is a baby toy made by Russ ? " by Tinkerbell81 in the DEBATE Section :

My main post there in Debate section is "Gosport LEADS ? ...." by Galina-A-Anikeeva.


Next is CASSETTE concentration camp on Channel Islands news found in Keesing's Contemporary Archives. We want to know more about it. Indian Lake, Cassette, what else ? The most interesting secret projects of the so-called "natzies" (who were they?) are kept secret.

By the way, one episode in the book of Primo Levi "If this is a man" describes a Soviet officer running in and out of a railway hall somewhere in Belorussia (?) and repeating his motions like a mechanical toy. It resembles the description of microchipped controlled animals in one article about Dr. Joseph Delgado. I have the reference (Delgado) somewhere on my site.


Censorship about construction and development projects? We are not surprised.

By the way, just like colors and symbols, ACRONYMS are diabolical - unavoidably so.

BAM reminds me of a Soviet project. Security firm CIA. FSB for small businesses.

KGB for King's Geriatric Brigade, etc.


Tracy Lyons - Portsmouth woman who abused children in the nursery !


One of the numerous photographs ( how NOT to hold a baby ) which apparently is OK for The News Picture Editor Dean Kedward. By the way, before the present Editor Mark Waldron, the was "The News" editor MADDOX (sp?), who I have heard is now in Scotland.


Chemicals, drugs, children ... .

Two public lectures were cancelled recently: one of 4 Nov. By Prof. Steven Biller (Portsmouth and District Physical Society) and another - Cafe Scientifique lecture "Robot Ethics for Humans" (!) The CafeSci. was founded by ... WELLCOME trust and sponsored 2002-2005. Now -privately sponsored. No wonder "children are legally drugged" by a participant was immediately cut short at the last lecture.

Portsmouth University Students should be in charge (discussions open or not, with or without a speaker) and no "sponsorship" is necessary. One thing they may like to discuss are all those (violence, etc.) experiences, which they remember nothing about.


Police brutality ?

READ THIS : (An Open Letter to the Citizens of Oakland from the Oakland Police Officers' Association) -

Louis Seveke in Holland wrote about the government, so-called security services and their role in terrorism.

Dutch paper NRC Handelsblad [ corr.] published it on 3 November 2005. On 15 November he was shot dead. Incl. university students approached by agents.


ISC was to obtain a luxury yacht, the Constellation -


Aliens ? .... Watch people, especially those, that cluster in certain areas.


[ Friday 11 Nov., 2011 ] -

Constellation (in Russian SOZVEZDIE) is the name of a Russian (-/Israeli?) weapons ( stars? star wars?) company. Constellation Yacht in


From The News of Wed. 12 October, 2011 " Students threatened with expulsion over acts of vandalism" :

" ... John Craven, the vice-chancellor and Amy Baker, president of the student union, have sent a stern email to students following a large number of complaints. ... "


WHY ???? were the photographs of the Portsmouth couple (sex abuse of their children, so called nudist/family computer networks - international case) were not published ?

Melissa Noon and Robert Hathaway looked and 'behaved' very very odd, which is my personal impression and opinion. Smth "Russian" in Melissa Noon and John Maddox. His photograph as I looked at it again, seems falsified (?). Smth about his nose ... A better photo on BBC website, but I could not print it out. Difficult to write about effects which may be a prerogative of FBI specialists ( there might be a terminology there), but after I made my comments, he at one point froze for a split second (they like to show their profiles) with 'reality' being closer to the photo image.

The very complex and surreal imagery contained ONE STRONG IMPRESSION OF



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