Wednesday, 2 November 2011

( nr 298 ) Post Office problems ? No answer from the British ( or Royal ?) Post Office about place and date missing on the delivery certificate of my letter to HE Daniel Taub, Israeli Ambassador.

[wed.3 nov. 2011]

I have had second thoughts about the e-mail from the Russian Consulate ... It does not have the official format. We shall see.


Evgeni Primakov with Slobodan Milocevic in 1999. Photo from CENTURY album by Bruce Bernard. The lingo used then was MUSLIMS vs SERBS. Europe moved to protect muslims.

It should have been Muslims vs Christians, or Serbs vs Albanians (?). And Europe - already godless ? Same type of lingo in Northern Ireland : Catholics vs British, etc.

In BBC documentary a journalist asked a surviving villager about "Serbs having massacred the whole willage" and the muslim replying: WE DON'T KNOW who they were - they wore BALAKLAVAS.

Does E. Primakov look like Golda Meir on this particular photograph?


[ Friday 4 November 2011]

Two scans from the "International Pedophile network run by a Portsmouth couple" case hearings most of which I had attended from the public gallery.

My note exchange with Les Cummings about strange and disturbing 'Russian' faces.

My letter to Courts Admin. copied to the Presiding Judge Roger Hetherington.

There was a bit of S-theater, may be quite a lot.


LENIN .- from the Men of Destiny series (1932 ed. ?)

"... Lenin's nervous troubles took an acute turn. ....The principal symptom was inflammation of the nerve terminals of back and chest, which she (Krupskaya) describes as 'holy fire' or 'shearers' rash ' . Her remedy was to paint the affected part with iodine.

.... had to lie in bed for a fortnight.

...but he liked to go to the socialist churches."


[ Sat. 5 November 2011]

The e-mail from Russian Consulate HAS DISAPPEARED from my hotmail account. I have the printout.

My request for information about giving evidence, etc. to Portsmouth Court had zero response (written or oral). But there were NON-VERBAL cues ( ....)

I hesitated between CAUSE and COURSE and went for COURSE quite rightly, as it turned out.


[ Mon. 7 Nov.2011] - CASSETTE - a secret ww2 project on Alderney, Channel Islands, where

" 1000 Russians and Jews were murdered" (ref. Keesing's Contemporary Archives, 1945) cannot be found by Google ... Instead, there is a by artist Danny Ford.

Another find : The 35, 000-ton battleship "Prince of Wales" was launched at Birkenhead

on May 3, 1939.



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