Monday, 22 March 2010

( nr 254 ) The two scans above: a wrong headline ( imho ) about US general John J. Sheehan giving evidence at the meeting of US Senate Armed Services Committee looking into whether homosexuals should be allowed to serve OPENLY in the US military.
The chairman, Senator Carl Levin is so pro-homosexually biased !
The big media instantly raised cry meant to divert attention from the matters of national security and anti-American activities.
Neither, nor RMN forum or affiliates Henry Makow, Prisonplanet, etc. even mentioned the issue. May be posts were blocked (?).
Child abductors, child molesters, child rapists and parents who prostitute their children are by far the worst kind of criminals, HISTORICALY "lynchables and burnables" and known in Chrisianity as SATANIC.
PEDERASTY is sodomy with a boy (paedo - child).
Recent investigations into sexual abuses by the CATHOLIC CHURCH priests are very badly timed. The moves by Catholic Church to defend Traditional Christian Values and PROTECT CHILDREN is not given enough spotlight and appreciation. What other Christian Churches do we don't even know.
Horrific abuses of little boys were done not by Christian Priests, but by SODOMITES/paederasts - LOVERS OF BOYS, who infiltrated Catholic Church.
Must be the vile deeds of those, who burned churches, monasteries, tortured and killed christians and their priests at different times and in different countries throughout history of human civilization.
As for the "apologies" approach, it reminds me of highly emotional and in retrospect dangerous RECONCILIATION methodology tried in South Africa, which did not examine what really did happen and why, and in addition managed to "equalize" good and evil from a Cristian point of view (unnoticed by many at the time, including myself).
Watch Kay Griggs interviews again.
KGB vs MOSSAD .... Is KGB more "Jewish" than MOSSAD is "Russian" ?
I think it's the same crowd.
This is what Gen. John J. Sheehan said:
..." European militaries today are a product of the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Nations like Belgium, Luxembourg, the Dutch, etc. firmly beleived there was no longer a need for an active combat capability of the military.
As a result they declared a peace dividend and made a conscious effort to socialize their military. That includes the Unionisation of their militaries, it includes OPEN HOMOSEXUALITY."... (18 of March ?)
LGBT among other organizations is NOT YET investigated (in different countries) for their role in anti-social engineering on global scale and links with hostile/enemy/terrorist organizations.

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