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Summer 2014.

( nr 323 ) Weekly Speaker's Corner presentations at noon Mondays in Portsmouth Guildhall Square stop till further notice, as I announced [corr.] five days ago; wearing Name+URL badge - on/off.
Russian Women's Fascist Movement photo 1934:
Sicilian mafioso Francesco Corallo finances Curacao polititian Gerrit Schotte:
Michael Todd, Britain's top Chief Constable was investigating 'extraordinary rendition' flights by CIA in UK on behalf of ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) :
Julian Castro:
[ Friday, 27 June 2014] - I wonder if The Star pub in Gosport (recently in local news), Eclipse buses and Constellation (Sozvezdie) defence company are related so to speak.
[ Tue.1 July 2014] - Constellis Holdings is the new name of Blackwater security business.
The Dutch connection: Gosport Ferry had some renovation made  a couple of years ago with some Dutch contractors - one firm with 'Ster' and another with Ravenstein (?) in their names. On the Portsmouth Hard side one can see an old and rusty plate of long ago with an address in Holland.
The Blackwater founder has Dutch roots, name Prins changed to Prince... Very UnDutch, I would say, as people in the Netherlands are very proud to be who and what they are, have very healthy and strong sense of identity and 'have nothing to hide' as the saying goes. Near The Star pub I noticed a few years ago some very unpleasant people (earrings, tattoes...) One day right behind  The Star pub, a lorry of theirs with an angry looking driver was coming out. A second later I had an awkward fall and an unfortunate association was formed.
BLACKWATER most senior manager in Iraq Daniel Carroll threatened to kill a US State Department investigator Jean Richter for examining their performance - from online reports of British Telegraph, IB times ( by Gianluca Mezzofiore ) and  AFP, which reproduces the link given in the New York Times report:
As for Russian (?) high-tech military company (corporation?) Sozvezdie (constellation), I could not find their website last time I tried to.
American Ministry of Justice secretly 'investigate(d)' AP journalists, which the White House knows nothing about:
[Friday, 4 July, 2014] - From my letter dated Sat. 21 June, 2014: PS: History of Medicine is of interest to me as an Independent Researcher, especially Soviet medicine and Medical Profession in Russian Empire.
Some names/links: Olga Patta, Ada Akpan, Georgian (?) wife of Prof. Charles Alade, Lagos Military Hospital, Yaba Orthopaedic Hospital, Moscow Institute of Space Medicine, Dentists Cooperating (Moscow-Amsterdam-The Hague), Saakyan family in Lagos University, G.E. Izmailovskaya in Moscow, family of Lena (nee) Lozhikova.
Is there a medical body interested in Soviet Medicine? Thanks in advance. .....
PPS! -Georgian medical team in Southampton + Beslan, Chernobyl.
The Dutch construction firm :
About ten years ago in Gosport there was a tragic death of a Dutch sailor or yachtsman who fell from a motorboat. The media reported that he was ' the only one on board, who was married with child '.
Russian publishers FERY- IV (?) in Moscow could not tell me what FERY in Russian letters stood for. I pointed out that Russian transliteration of English words Fairy and Ferry should turn out differently. Later I read (wikipedia) that Fery (?) is the name of some modern (?) witchcraft, which includes homosexuals. Privatisation of Gosport Ferry was controversial and controversy included the then Gosport MP Peter Viggers.
Dutch internet providers file the case against GCHQ with the special Tribunal for Security Services in London:

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