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( nr 268 ) REPOST ( of yesterday's nr 268 ) - for a change, let's view the scans ( 8) beginning with the top one:
- My latest lingo-creativity.
- Another article about Simon Burns vs John Bercow affaire. The first report I read was actually by Letwin Letts, but I misplaced it. I also saw someone putting the names of Letwin Letts and Anne Trenemann (?) in one sentence !
By the way ! Who said to me not so long ago in a 'loaded' tone that "Chelmsford is a high-tech city" ? (DC).
- 1972 Moscow News articles (3 scans, 4 articles) by foreign students, who attended the 1 May parade in Moscow. The first article is written by my ex-husband. Strange typographical inaccuracies: his name is Victor Adekunle Udom (V.A.Udom) and his Faculty (of Journalism in the top Moscow State University - MGU) is missing. He provides the historical insight - it's CHICAGO again ! Yes, Chicago (1886), Paris, Manchester ... .
The Friendship/Patrice Lumumba University is where Anna Chapman got her degree (?).
- The First bus time-table showing Stagecoach (3 pages) hidden in a 96-page long booklet.
There was some color switch years ago, when it looked like logos merging.
- FOOTBALL in Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK ... .
By the way, years ago British Embassy worker said to me apologetically: " ... It's because you are Russian, it would not have happenned, if you were a Ukranian" - the story (with very interesting details) of 'wasting' a chartered flight Lagos-London when visa was issued, but the passport not stamped, as the embassy closed mid-week without notice.
Please (re-)read my January 2009 posts.
Brian Gerrish ... I am wondering whether he might be among people who ... somewhat change or or are changed, gradually or suddenly, such as Larouche (?), David Larson (?) etc.
Only people, who know or knew them well might know. Those who are close or 'near' like a husband or wife - past or present, may be very important, or even be the cause of the change.
Common Purpose ? CP - Communist Party. The brainwashing and Mind & Body Control of Cp trainees must be the same as that of Iduschie Vmeste (, Nashi, Samen op Weg (my paraphrase), with other movements like Komsomol, Scouts, Nashe/Obshee Delo, etc. having some common elements.
INTELLIGET, TALENTED children are especially targeted by the cabal ( Cabal International ) for enslavement.
Was Brian Gerrish (assuming there was an honest person there to begin with) "turned" and lost his mettle or character ?
He talked sense re: police training, brainwashing methods, children targeted, etc.
The person I talked to could very well have been a "Ukranian" zombi or "agent".
So were some (not all) of the CAB ( CAB for Citizen's Advice Bureau) "consultants" I met - some were simply strange and very unsuitable people, others brutally controlled (forced speech with poorly merged/morfed voice-intonation-designer message/content). Many vulnerable and already traumatized people come to CAB offices with very private affairs and info goes into unprotected databases.
Talking of trauma, some countries and places had it on a mass scale: Hiroshima bombing, Leningrad blockade, Ukranian Famine, Chernobyl, etc.
Trauma - Dissociation - Mind Control/Programming.
Fires, disasters, shootings - scores of people affected.
SOVIET TIMES ... There were two popular opinions so to speak:
1. Fear that some harm (bad dicease, infection ) can be done to a person with subsequent blackmail: we shall cure you, if you work for us. Another method - drug addiction by deception.
2. Reassurance to those, who wanted to avoid KGB like a plague: KGB does not recruit very stupid or very intelligent people, as both categories are unpredictable and can be dangerous.
One example: X. was rumoured to work for KGB. Offers of vitamine/gamma-globuline injections were rejected by those, who totally avoided her and by those (including myself), who did not steer clear of X.
FRADKOV ?! I remember 'discussing' Misha (?) Fradkov with Lena Lozhikova.
Head of SVR (KGB abroad) ? So unlikely, I'd say.
What is his wife's name ? Smth.-Ukranian ?
Bilderberger list a few years ago had a woman named Lebedeva representing Russia.

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