Friday, 27 August 2010

( nr 269 ) This post is long overdue, since 15 July ... . Scans ref. Blood Group, Dr.Kelly and four photographs of the Dutch farmers settling in Canada from De Spiegel National Christian Newspaper of 1950 (?).
BLOOD GROUP above from the 2001 (Dutch) diary front page as part of essential personal information together with name, address, etc. Yesterday I saw a post on RMN forum about Robotic Blood Cells with link to
Hmm ... Raisa Gorbacheva established Blood Donation Charity? Scandal with the contaminated blood in Lybia (?) ...where Claudia Sarkozi was mentioned (?) ... Ludmila Putina shopping with Claudia in Paris and filing for divorce from the French President the following day (ref. rmn forum) ? ....
A letter to the Times about Dr. Kelly's death. Papers reporting "former KGB spy" Boris Karpichkov implicating Peter Everett of MI5 ... There was another strange death of a Russian or Ukranian biochemist, with whom Dr.Kelly formed a Joint Stock Company (?). The BBC correspondent whom Dr.Kelly spoke to strangely avoided publicity. What did Dr.Kelly tell him exactly?
My Internet time for today is about to finish. I shall continue this post tomorrow or next week Tuesday.
NB. Sent an e-mail to Elaine today, spoke to David and keep my fingers crossed.

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