Wednesday, 1 April 2009

( nr 203) My daughter is now in YORKSHIRE - Bradley/Skipton.
As I scan and post on my , I realize that I may have to number and repost, as it gets bigger.
Some topics, started on Expatica, such as about 1975+/- and Lenin,Stalin, etc. do not go away. I may try and consolidate the info, as so much belongs to one 'basket'.
Reading "The Russians" by Hedrick Smith.
Well, I may have to explain this later, but much of THE CHAOS and menace of nwo is actually very carefully structered and programmed. Example: a website gets uglier and has less and less information. The info is NEVER lost, but is hidden away, becomes invisible. A huge generic form is meddled with by ... lets say, a psychopath and it becomes 'ugly', changes for the worse, incrementally. Much or very little info can be thought of as a harmonica, open or closed. Only those who know the url, or accidentally stumble on a page, discover that nothing is lost, but stashed away. It was discovered by someone on Expatica. Something similar (but not quite!) happens with paper bureacrazy. The worst part is that they automate nonsense and destroy feedback. Everything becoming big, centralised and stupid. And that is what made the Soviet System crumble.
PS [12:25] It looks like Internet Search on OLEG RAKITO gives very little information, excluding what I wrote, for example. My profile counter also malfunctions (?).
Next post next Wednesday, 8 April.

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