Saturday, 11 April 2009

( nr 207) Wonderful EASTER ENERGY! ...
And so, you find 1975 in the beginning of "About Me" on this page with a few photos from that era on another blogsite of mine. "1975" topic on Expatica Forum ... hidden? Today exactly a month before MAY 11. I had another Expatica topic "Read before May 11 ..." started in 2006, the year PNVD - a party of Paedophiles (!!!) registered in Holland, a European Union country ... .

Scottish Minorities Group accomodated PIE - Paedophile
Information Exchange in October 1974. Relocated to London in 1975.
" ... it emerged that there had been a cover-up: Mr "Henderson" had worked for MI6 and had been a high commisioner in Canada."

Moscow mid-seventies .... The current MI6 head Mr. John Scarlett was there.


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