Friday, 21 May 2010

( nr 263 ) Scans going up:
- British MP Stephen Timms recovering from from a knife stabbing attack by a young woman in London.
- February 2001 article about Mind/Body Control technology:
- A report by NRC about an illegal dental practice closing. About a month ago there were more news about ... medical mafia (?), such as a highly qualified dentist with criminal record. One item on about fake passports and cash found at a dentist's office disapppeared quickly and could not be found in archives.
- AFRICAN DIASPORA day at the British Museum tomorrow.
- A new search engine: by Omar Marcel Gashi.
- UNDERDIAGNOSED .... a very good article from The Lyme Disease Sentinel Blog. Food for thought about definitions, classifications and procedures.
The OverDiagnosis is another matter of growing importance today - can stem from ignorance or criminal intent.
Another article that disappeared very quickly from the Dutch news site was about a naked youth found hiding in the .... some part of the electric fire place/mantel piece (?) in smb's sitting room.

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