Wednesday, 26 May 2010

( nr 264 ) Scans upward:
- The Guardian (24 May 2010) has published EXCLUSIVE material about 1975 (!) top-secret meeting on March 31 between Shimon Peres and PW Botha (defence ministers at the time) about the purchase of NUCLEAR weapons.
- A model student from the University of London, 21-year old Roshonara Choudhary .... stabbed MP Stephen Timms in an apparent state of AFFECT (?)....
- Afua Hirsch writes about the legal side of psychological torture.
- HYPNOTIST Roger Allen, 66 is the new Mayor of Gosport.
- Interpol hunting Christopher Lockwood, born 23 February. 1948 (ref. Mossad murder in Dubai hotel). He is wanted for "crimes against life and health".
"Lockwood's father is thought to be a Jewish Palestinian who migrated to the UK just after World War I. "
Records have shown that no one named Christopher Lockwood was born in Glasgow or any part of Scotland.

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