Tuesday, 8 June 2010

( nr. 265 ) Scans upwards: OEDIPUS complex and Sexual Identity ....
horrendous child abuse ... by parents - from "Children of the Kibbutz" by M.E.Spiro, Harvard University Press, 1975 edition.
Dr. Jose Delgado - two extracts about research on animals and humans. MIND ans BODY control - SEQUENTIAL behavior: ... open mouth, turn around, walk to a corner, climb a wall, jump down and return to "start", repeating those movements ... every time ....
CUMBRIA shootings: on Thusday 3 June, 2010 in the morning, in a radio interview Dr. Barrie Walker, a local GP of 30 years, talked about two young girls, who, having witnessed a horrific shooting of a man (?) ... went/became MUTE for two hours.
That part of his interview was missing in the video I watched on a BBC site the following day, 4 June.
The top scan is of a LiveLeak.com video posted on rmn forum: A deaf baby hears his mother's voice for the first time. Can be watched with or without a sound.
Never heard this name before!... Smolenskin, Peter (Perez) Ben Moses (1842-1885) .
About 1880 Smolenskin began to be interested in the colonization of Palestine ... from

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