Tuesday, 22 June 2010

( nr 266 ) Scans going up:
three map images of the Gosport South - posted on http://www.spot-a-gosport.blogspot.com/ today.
Solicitors in trouble. And where is the SOCU Hampshire located? Not in County Police HQ in Winchester? Just wondering about the address.
Those horror photos in papers and printouts of private camera photos (e.g. Morrisssons) are made at a press of a button. Software developed by "jokers". Shape/color/composition altered - at a press of a button.
INTERPOL website: Netherlands missing.
MEM-O!!!!! Lingo play.
Memory lane history: 1971 .... Vladimir Levin - a guest lecturer in Physics in English.
1970s .... independent representation of some Soviet Republics in UN allows travel and work in Western Europe - Ukraine(?), Armenia plus Yougoslavia, etc.
First visitors from USSR to Lagos I recall were Crimean Greeks. In about 1995 a guest speaker to the Dutch Royal Institute of Foreign Affars was a top Ukranian representative (EU or a diplomat, half Russian half Ukranian?) who told us that Ukraine was among the top three (!) recipients of International Aid. One other was Israel (?) and who else? Actually, Golda Meir was from Kiev, Ukraine.
UNIVERSITY FUNDING ! May 1987: shocking news about a huge (25% ?) cut and an instant proposal at an emergency staff meeting (KQC London) to encourage intake of foreign (post) graduate sudents as fee-paying private students, children of so many parents who'd be happy to pay the tuition fees.
Just noticed my spelling mistake in the top scan - Donetsk.
So, what happened 12 March 2010 13:07:06 ? ...

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