Thursday, 4 June 2015

Scouting for Girls not in Gosport ?

( nr 339 ) "The News" local paper has SHAMBLES headline: No firm venue, no licence and now headliners Scouting for Girls and James Arthur pull out ... Gosfest (Gosport Festival) is becoming a SHAMBLES. ( by Gosport reporter Ellie Pilmoor). James Arthur and Scouting for Girls are now booked for other festivals over the same weekend of August 1 and 2.
Quotes/reactions follow from Modest Management, Chloe Palmer, director of Eventures Int Ltd., local activists Dean Keating and Ade Jupe.
Global Mind Programming ( aka Mind Control, MK, Brainwashing, etc.) was mentioned by General Alexander Lebed as Psycho-Semantic mind programming, very dangerous phenomena, that encompass Personality Change, Zombi-like behaviour (scientific term is AUTONOME), psychosis, neurosis, so-called radicalisation, etc.
Around year 2002 I brought a proposal/subject of Neuro VISUAL Programming on a Russian ( lang.) Forum, as in addition to NLP (Neuro-Lingual Programming), visual and other senses are used/exploited in MK.
How interesting, that even NLP, so widely known, is obscured/displaced by Natural Language Processing.
MASS BRAINWASHING is what is happenning around us.
Some word-play:

Ignite! - educ. company, incl. COW - Cow on Wheels product.
Explosion! - name of a Naval Museum.
Tourist sign depicts a man walking fast ...TOWARDS Explosion!
A printout of Portsmouth Ignite Trading Ltd address in Portsmouth depicts "Mun+" next to their office, accidentally, of course.
The two words get introduced to newspapers: explosive topic, ignite price smth. etc.

[ Sat. 6 June, 2015 ] - The D-Day anniversary is almost lost today among other topics/exhibitions.

As I said yesterday (for the first time) I see some links, connections between two major cases -
Relevant topics:
- Russian/Soviet+ emigration
- White Army/ Russian aristocrats organizations
- Masonic Lodges of Russian Empire
- Polish (Women ?) Masonic Lodge
- December 1825 events in Russia.
- General anti-Christian, anti-Family (men, women and children) nature of Communism during periods  " before and after Stalin government ".
Next Speaker's Corner presentation in TWO WEEKS - 19 June 2015.

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