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Addenda Twenty.

( nr 385 ) - A mad woman, one of the "Girls in Blue" with her right claw on the little boy's genitals/thigh ... . The scan is from Irish Independent of 27.9. 2017.

Dublin - Lord Mayor Micheal Mac Donncha and 8 months old Ollie Kearney from the Navan Road.
Article by Ian Begley and Photo by Steve Humphreys.

Mad women and mad men have been doing it here in Britain for over TEN YEARS - publicly.

[ Mon. 9 Oct. 2017 ] - Tirana, ALBANIA - RAF News of 6 October 2017, NATO changes news.

 [ Tue. 10 October, 2017 ] - JUSTICE under Attack ? -
1.  I had difficulty printing AFTAPWET compilation of reports. Nevertheless, having signed previously a call for/referendum against ALL communications being recorded and 'saved' by Police or Security in the Netherlands/EU ( the initiative came from Dutch Universities), I am now strongly against current move or referendum to outlaw 'surveillance of ordinary/normal citizens' for reasons of PRIVACY. I also noticed that original petition from Dutch Universities came mostly from HUMAN RIGHTS departments and Social Scientists. The Computer Science and Criminology people were not represented in that understandable but very emotional stand.
2.  Legal Profession and Police are already infiltrated by Organized Crime.
Dutch Journalist and Investigator Peter de Vries came under attack ( one of many) when he made a documentary about sadistic murderer of young women and girls.
Sadistic murderer was a HOMOSEXUAL, who had sexual relations with a Senior Judge ....
The Lawyer representing Sadistic Degenerate brought charges of PRIVACY of his client in prison not being respected... .
LEGALESE not perfect as it stands. The notion of information/evidence "being not legally obtained"
 is useful to criminals/degenerates. The real issue is: Is that info/fact true or not true?
3. Democracy and Elections poorly serve the original idea of representation of Majority.
Dutch Gov. is ( for months) in so-called Formation: Formatie2017.
Interesting Analogy (?) with controversial BELGIAN Afkoopwet that involved MAFIA international. Org. Crime Waves in Belgium on the website Bende van Nijvel:
3. EXTENDED Russia Investigations by FBI in America  should include   RUSSIAN BBC org. criminal activities. The telephone calls from a Senior BBC journalist (Russian Woman) Natalie Vowles (orig. from Petrozavodsk in North-West Russia) may also reveal State-Sponsored attempts to undermine current Case in New York Southern District Court:
By the way, as electronic/digital passways are not 100% secure ( just like historic low-tech ), could it be, that alleged "deficient filing" of Doc. 58 ( see pacemonitor entry above) was the result of weakness and deficiency of the System?
 Corrected the URL of (just above).
CASE filed on Jan. 26, 2017 before Judge John G Koeltl -
DEFENDANTS: Jeffrey Epstein, Lesley Groff, Sarah Kellen, Natalya Malyshev and Ghislaine Maxwell.
[ Wed. 11 Oct. 2017 ] - The overwhelming high-tech video/sound+  recording (many times over plus feedback) in the hands of Org. Crime is open to its own undoing: a hidden microphone is supposed to record what smb. says/thinks and trigger "punishing" chain of events, if the thoughts are not "correct".
 All is based on a faulty assumption that normal people are not aware of the microphones and shall be scared and silenced.
The degenerate puppets/actors are either given a false assurance of their "privacy" and get scared out of their wits by people who take their pictures, or simply ordered to act aggressively and violently towards journalists and anyone recording their crimes against children and their identities/behaviour.
By the way, some puppets have been theatrically clicking cameras around me in High Street, which does not bother me at all.
On the contrary, the multiple surveillance is recording them and what they do.
It can also be used by anyone as a loudspeaker of sorts and as a 'photocopier' to make facts and history indestructible.
IMHO the so-called digitalisation of justice and police systems is intrinsically unsafe, according to my own research, most of which is observation and accidental discovery.
[ Thurs. 12 October, 2017 ] - Printer started new way of blocking unwanted (?) information: stalls first (keys do not work), then printer goes off, then rebouts.
Two Sisters - A woman journalist Ayla Albaytak who works for Wall Street Journal and has dual nationality - Finnish and Turkish, is sentenced to two years and one months for 'spreading terrorist propaganda' in TURKEY. The WSJ front page shows headline:
The Two Sisters Who Ran Public Companies :
The rogue (?) button on Internet Explorer - blue circle with a left to right diagonal, now vanished (?).
The text was: some info is blocked to protect your privacy/identity (!).
Pornographers and other CRIMINALS would really appreciate that ... My wild guess: those who put (empty) icon/smiley with Russian name BALABOLKA on 'desktop' of computers in Portsmouth Central Library, may be behind this 'service'.
 Just posted scan of the Dutch News article with WSJ front page. The arrest is linked to her report about conflict in South-East Turkey between Kurds and Turkish government.
More than hundred journalists are under arrest and two hundred media organisations are closed - ref. Fethullah  Gulen and a failed coup of last year.
 1933 - the scan of photo above: Radclyffe Hall - an open lesbian ( on the right) with Lady Trowbridge ( left) at the Lyric Theater in London.
Org. Crime in New Russia (early 1990s): mafia figure - An OLD WOMAN in a WHEELCHAIR.
Dutch documentary about org. crime, which involved CHILD abuse and trafficking: women involved, countries: RUSSIA, ISRAEL and TURKEY.
Hmm ... Names and Words - Jewish - Russian - Turkish ? -
ELEN (or Ellen?), Gulen, Pleven, Duren, Koren, etc.
[ Friday, 13 October, 2017] - See my entry about PRINTER going offline at the start of my post of yesterday. For a year or two printer would stall or glitch when I tried to print specific news articles - from UK or International Media. The staff would then turn the printer off and on again. The article in question could often be made printable by turning it into a Word doc. Some time ago ( a couple of months? ) the computer went suddenly offline, as I composed a text/post on this site. It reminded me of an "emergency" shut-off when I wrote: KGB=MOSSAD=MAFIA in Portsmouth years ago.
Recent weeks: printer would go off and rebout, which I thought was new programming to avoid lengthy glitch/manual turn-off.
The so-called Privacy Button (erase digital footprints before they spread like lightning ? ) seems like stories of Dark Net (?) operators sometimes burning/incenerating hard discs from which vile/spionage/secret info had been up/downloaded.
 I use metaphoric language here as I am not a specialist. By the way, MODEMS were used with early computers. You could tune into an online 'station' just like tuning radio in.
I recall here my own accidental discovery of MERGED DUPLICATES: as power went off or my own allowed time finished (just as I pressed POST) I discovered that the text was posted on ONE and NOT the OTHER of two URL variants: one with www and the other with http only.
An example of How the DEGENERATE system works/is operated.
1. I have used the word CLAW at the beginning of this post - ...mad woman ...her right claw ... .
2. The following morning in the Post Office on High Street a young woman, who looked normal (!) and even innocent, behind the glass/shutter counter by the Photo Booth did smth. strange.
I picked up the stamps. Then, instead of ( also) placing the change (coins) into the counter groove under the glass shutter, she squizzed (with difficulty!) her left hand under the glass with coins in her palm (held upwards), so that I .... had to "claw" coins with my hand from her palm.
1.  LAMBERT .... The name is seen on the EMPTY (?) Gosport Police Station building.
2. Name of the BANK ? - money laundering in Brussels  -
3. Cohn Family in Yorkshire: ELAINE COHN told me emphatically/theatrically that her maiden name was LAMBERT. She also mentioned/displayed Some RUSSIAN (old émigré ?) names.
More 'theater': pointing to the marble/granite tabletop which she used for drawing, she told me it came from a MORTUARY (table for dead bodies). Rather horrid French painting/trick, overemotional use/presentation of the word PEACE ... .
Unexplained Death of Monica Petersen who investigated CHILD abuse/trafficking in Haiti :
Never heard of AJWS - American Jewish World Service (rights of women, LGBT people and sex workers). Monica Petersen:" ... can't actually find their office/outreach here in Port-au-Prince."
Kim Wall also travelled to HAITI for Vodou waterfall - from an interesting Gardian article of yesterday written by her journalist friend Caterina Clerici.  " ... Kim had fallen in love and was about to move to Beijing with her boyfriend."
Spanish POLICE intercepted a huge cocaine shipment near CANARY Islands, coming from COLOMBIA. Street value estimated at over 200 million Euro.
King of Jordan cancelled his state visit to The Netherlands:
ELAINE COHN said her father or grandfather was community nurse.
[ Mon. 16 October, 2017 ] - I wrote recently about W8 area of London, where both Russian and Israeli embassies are. In fact 20 embassies share that post code area.
From 2002 list: embassy of Italy has different section located at six different addresses.
Dipl. names that stand out: It. Mario Fortunato ( Father Fortunato in Russian Church in London), Carla Bruno, Carmela Panetta;  Fr. J-P. Landau (Sov. Phys.);  Belarus: Mrs. Zoya Kolontai (Radical Bolshevik diplomat in SWEDEN;  Argentina: M. A. Bednarski ;  Commonwealth Telecom org.. Mrs. N. Bayliss - Manager, Tech. Assistance Programmes, (Russian woman Elena Bayliss in SHELL ref. Lagos, London, Hague), etc.
Post from  July, 2014:
November, 2014:
More Dipl. NAMES: Jamaica - Miss Ann-Marie Pinkney ( Olivia Pinkney in UK Police ?).
[ Wed. 18 October, 2017] - MORE 2002 dipl. names:
1. PANAMA: woman ambassador HE Senora Ariadne Singares Robinson (m).
The rest: 5 women and 4 men.
2.GERMANY: Herr Jorg Schmidt and Frau Tanja Schmidt ( mad Bolshevik woman Prof. Scmidt who advocated Sex Education (rape) of children and so-called Love Houses.) A match for mad woman Kollontai - ambassador of Soviet Russia in SWEDEN.
3. GREECE: Thomas Thomopoulos. Alex Thomopoulos in Lagos Nigeria: from Port Harcourt, environm. engineer, mother from Ghana, SA neighbours (butterfly collectors), Holy Grail society, etc.
4. CAPE VERDE: amb. vacant, one staff  Mrs. Clara Manuela da Luz Delgado.
5 . CHILE : Air Attache Colonel Ivan Rafael  ... GALAN.
I did speak and wrote(?) about top UK Police Woman ... Victoria  Galan.
North Yorkshire? SKIPTON ?
Black British ? Carribean ? Israeli? ...
Personal info about her was suspiciously short: "she was brought up in SCOTLAND".  
Chile has a very high gradient between high mountains coast and a very deep part of ocean floor.
Spanish teacher for Carlos (son of Dutch Princess IRENE) was from Chile.
One of my little granddaughters was for some time inexplicably interested in Chile, wanted to go there ... .
Kay Griggs, American Naval wife spoke about BRITISH Security Services ran by WOMEN and MI5 ( .... Fiver ?) standing for communist/satanic star, while MI6 stood for Israel's Star of David.
MI5 dir. Andrew PARKER ..... Familiar face? ...
Gosport PARKER and Torrington Ltd. in GOSPORT.
POLICE Masonic puppets in SKIPTON ...
SKIPTON Police Office: visitor's register where I was writing my name was snatched and taken away from the counter. They refused to take my report/statement.
Gosport/Hampshire POLICE did not contact me about the Fire and High-Tech Laser Gun shooting, although Councillor Burgess visited the crime scene and has had  a meeting with the Police. The shots were made at me as I stood in the dark room with certains drawn/closed.
Two scans: Andrew Parker MI5 -
 Michael LANE -  
[ Thurs. 19 October, 2017 ] - My post from 2014 -
[ Mon. 23 Oct. 2017] - Many A&Q about MALTA ( ref. Daphne Caruana Galizia ) as I remembered more details about my visit to Malta De Bono Conference.
Women and Crime:
May 11 plus:
Just added to my profile "About Me": E-Mail compromised ... sorry!
[ Tue. 24 October, 2017].
De Bono conference. A story from a Malta solicitor (retold): a Russian businessman asked to find a good/the best school for his child. Yes, there is a very good school, and another Russian businessman has his child there. Oh! In that case my child shall definitely not go to that school.
Malta is BRITISH. Edward de Bono's "New Thinking" may be linked to M. Gorbachev's "Novoe Myshlenie". On RuNet it was analysed and found that it was all hot air/emotions and practically no substance/meaning. EdB told me his books were already translated into Russian, but I found none in Moscow, although Hitler's M. Kampf was on sale. He said his son had dyslexia and that he bought a private island.
Azerbaidjan ? ... Soviet singer Muslim Magomaev was known to "like boys". Shell oil company, 26 Baku Commisars - all but one (Anastas Mikoyan) executed by the British. Mikoyan took a young homosexual interpreter on his officially unofficial visit to US. Spent some time in a toy shop without security guards.
 STRANGE (idiotic) "40 principles" developed by one Altshuller in Baku in ww2. Top POLICE in UK resigned as 40 principles (forced on them) had nothing to do with police work.
Larisa OKEKE (bewitched? total change of character) and her Austrian Jewish husband (Storrie?)who talked about Ph.D/Prof. of Psychology doing simplistic consumer behaviour study in supermarkets. There was a Dutch Navy Intelligence officer there, who gave me his card, but was taken aback, when I phoned his office. Was I expected to call him at home? ...
I later saw online the name of Larisa OKEKE as a manager of some ... engineering company.
Larisa told me her husband (as if he was some kind of a guru ...) has expressed interest in me, asked questions.
NORTHERN ITALY (!) - A lookalike of ELLEN woman in US gov. , Lilia from some Siberian town, of a rather .... loose beh. talked about her visit to ITALY where ....children competed with adults and that she "explained everything to her daughter". Had a fling with a Soviet diplomat. She had this ... dry crackling voice. Told me how easy it is to 'take initiative' with a young boy, etc.
MEDICAL privatisation in Malta ? Laser eye surgery was pioneered (?) by Soviet doctor Feodorov (?) many years ago. Medical "laser knifes" and high-tech laser guns come close by manufacture.
Diabolical ad and picture from Moorfields Eye Hospital: Lasik Eyes - scan posted.
Ref. Daphnie C.G.: some "temporary blindness from UV light" (!) is found on her blog ....
One Lauren Salerno, a 53 -year-old transgender woman moved to Malta  from UK  about six months ago.
Posts from 2012: 303, 304 and 306:
Scan of 1921 photo of Alexandra KOLLONTAI:
WW2 secret project: blinded children in cages:
[ Thurs. 26 October, 2017] - Website stat. is not reliable if only because of discrepancy between different scores/figures. And, another (political?) sharp drop in Russia 'hits' - zero today after top figures 200-300 for some weeks.
New Dutch Government :
PHYSICS: I posted scans of pages here from a scandalous ( A4, hard-back) Russian Book  FIZIKA - zadachnik po fizike )  by Grigoriy Bentsionovitch OSTER, 1995, publ. "Rosman". ISBN 5-7519-0077-4.
I now noticed a back page with info about a sponsor - Nikolaev A.V. ( uncle Sasha)
 of ESKADO Bank. Their stamp/logo depicts a palm tree on an island.
I bought the book in Moscow around the time I met my former classmate Kostia Ushakov at a conference in Brussels.
Submarines and People. Post 372:
[ Friday 27 October, 2017] - WINTER time change here in Britain: One Hour BACK at night from Saturday 28 Oct. to Sunday 29 Oct.
TORTURE with Remote Control: post 245 from Jan. 18, 2010:
[ Tue. 31 October, 2017] - 500 years ago:  Reformation - Martin Luther- Dutch Protestant Church. - 95 points in English.
Post LEEDS to ITALY of five years ago:
[ Friday, 3 Nov.2017] - Dutch/Intern. News article hard to print:
1. about OPIOID epidemics in US - last week.
2. about court case: UBER vs Waymo - Lidar techn., Levandovski, Kalanick, etc.
- from 
Another new case of Qualcomm against Apple.
Twitter acc. of Donald Trump was desactivated for 11 minutes in the night of Thurs/Friday:
NHS horror: ( D. Mirror-Thurs. 2 Nov.2017) -
Mental Health: ... forcible detentions (incl. locks, straps and medication) in hospitals and care homes had risen 45% in a year,  from 105,000 to 152,000 in 2016/17.
Minister of Health: Jackie Doyle-Price.
Controversial POLISH and Canadian bus./polit. Stan Tyminski  (ref. Tyminski fam. in Moscow) linked to OKO party in Poland (oko means eye), whose founder W. Kornowski set up a network of eye surgery clinics in Poland. Tyminski's latest Wikipedia update is 'fuzzied' - secret service replaced KGB allegation, Canada without state/city, South American Polish assoc. without naming the South A. country. S.T. is a Trade Rep. of Belarus in Canada.
Finnish doctor RAUNI KILDE wrote about microchips, crystals or optical fibers placed in visual nerves [shall check] of US soldiers in Vietnam.
By the way, from another report: London and Tokyo are to be linked via Arctic fiber-glass cable of a company in Alaska. Company not named. HAARP?
Dr. Rauni Kilde:
[ Mon. 6 Nov. 2017] - Smth. important, palpable, (ref. military) here in Gosport - from Thursday morning 2 Nov. (dismissal of Fallon, Defence minister), which I assume is under-reported by the media, - to date.
RAF/Air Force Show in BRITAIN was attended by the Dutch F-16 pilot Chris Vanneker, KGB spy.
 Dutch journalist Mylene de la Haye had a reportage about that Air-show on her website with photos of children - boys of about 8 y.o., blond, collecting autographs. More recently, she received nasty threats after her reports about criminal activities in the FEMALE chapter of a Dutch MC (motorcycle club) -
[ Tue.7 Nov.2017] - last Thursday 2 November was the 100 anniversary of Balfour declaration ref. ISRAEL. Today is the 100 anniversary of "October" 1917 Revolution in Russia (old style 25Oct. = 7 Nov. New style). Post Addenda Seven:


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