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Addenda Sixteen.

( nr 378 ) - "Prisoners in Java" scan posted,  ISBN: 978-0-9547228-8-3.
 [ Java  FEPOW 1942 Club 2007 Reprinted 2012 ] - 326 pages.
CASH nonsense:
 Even major newspapers incl. FT substitute word MONEY with CASH.
CRIMINALS love CASH as it is anonymous, unlike legitimate BANK transaction, which registers who pays whom and for what. Bank account holders ( private - business - org. ) have their identities and backgrounds on record and checked.
If cash is 'propagandised' as good money, criminals will have no need for money-laundering.
And of course, money/funds have been for years a superficial answer and panacea to all problems: we need more money, etc.
A list of (Dead) STAR WAR scientists is on TEXTFILES.COM
Another list is on RENSE.COM.
Yesterday as I looked through the list of Marconi Scientists Mystery ( 1980's plus): and marked yearly distribution, I noticed a peak in 1987.
Belgian (?) website Bende van Nijvel
has THREE periods on their tijdlijn (timeline) in atlas (site map) with the 1980-1989 period missing: 404 Error ... Page Not Found:
[ Wed. 5 July, 2017 ] - English verb come - all meanings and usages (whole page) in
The OXFORD dictionary (sixth edition) does not have "come out" as homosexuals use it:
" ~ out, go on strike, emerge from examination etc. with specified result, emerge from clouds, be revealed, declare oneself ( for or against ), be satisfactorily visible in photograph, be solved, become covered in (rash etc.), be published ( comes out on Saturdays ), make debut on stage or in society;
 ~ out with, utter; ......"
[ Thurs. 6 July, 2017 ] - Words Traffic/Road Accident are now called .... CRASH.
 Gosport: "CRASH" happened on Stoke Road Sat. 17 June 2017 at 23:47.
CRASH- financial and/stock exchange is what they don't want us to remember?
Year 1987 - crash of financial markets (those markets ...) surely "changed people's lives".
King's College London: emergency staff meeting was called in May 1987.
In 1986-1987 I was at KQC as an Honorary Research Fellow -  by invitation for my sabbatical from University of Lagos, Nigeria.
My general impression was that the "Ivory Tower" was under siege. There was a shocking "dumbing down" situation, which at first I ascribed to Cultural differences. A Romanian physicist from Strand (Ross?) told me he was also often accused of "complicating or making things difficult" whenever he had questions or criticisms. What my Nigerian undergraduates did not consider difficult, was judged too difficult for postgraduate level. The Dept. of Philosophy and Logic of Science was closing down (ref. Prof. Hans Post).
The refrain about PM Margaret Thatcher was: She is selling the country to the dogs. I did not ask who the dogs were.
 At the staff meeting we heard, that basic University funding was cut by a ...whooping 20 or 25 per cent. Many lecturers with tenure would have to retire early, etc. Immediately (!) smb. proposed a solution to financial/funding crisis: to introduce study fees for private students from overseas, whose rich parents would be only too happy to pay. The proposal was accepted and a search team was to make an international tour.
ABF event team (military) in ASDA supermarket made me wonder what the matter was.
 They seemed upset or nervous about smth.
Sgt. Delin wants to pass printout with image/videos of Brian Gerrish to their Press Officer. I look forward to hearing from them.
ABF stands for Army Benevolent Fund (as from 1944-1946).
FT today: The London CITY banks want a special "digital visas" (ref. Brexit).
So, after slaughter/suicides of BRITISH defence engineers, SDI and computer scientists ... foreigners are wanted ... to keep standards or smth.
Actually, the question arises about who stepped into the "shoes" of dead Star War Scientists ?
Some innocent or unwitting people might have become elements in a grand conspiracy. Did they fare any better than their predecessors?
By the way, Nigerian Military Government(s) as I remember introduced a clause in business contracts with foreigners (who had to be employed)  that by the end of their contract local workforce would be trained to replace them.
[ Friday, 7 July, 2017 ] - Wrong- upon wrong- upon wrong: Un-merry Go-round ... .
Could veritable mess/sabotage/panic about Brexit (engineered) be in part due to that SPECIAL arrangement UK (Margaret Thatcher?) made to pay less to EU? If some "new" contract was signed without a clause about stopping that contract - a must for any contract.
  For example, in Dutch banking an authorisation to make automatic/periodic payments from the account has (on the same form) the counter-instruction to stop payments ( with immediate effect) - terugtrekking machtiging.
The DUMBING - down (down and out) through so-called simplification (or popularisation) was done a few years ago at a JOBCENTRE+ training seminar in Basingstoke (for mature professional "job seekers"). The woman trainer, citing her father in sales recommended  that the language should be simple enough for a 9 year-old to understand. Example for smb. doing marketing: "He talks to people and sells things". Would fit a drug/porn distributer. He/she, Thug and Hooker Team would be happy to blend in, to be seen as doing business, as professionals. Plenty female pimps and male hookers.
My post Addenda Fourteen:

British Council - King's College London 1986 ( March?) conference photo at the bottom of:

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