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Addenda Seventeen.

( nr 379 ) - ULTRA:
I bought yesterday (in the Tourist Info shop by Gosport Ferry) a book "Memories of Ultra" by Geoff O'Neall and Mick Laming (no ISBN) first published in 2014 by Chaplin Books (1 Eliza Place, Gosport PO12 4UN tel: 023 - 9252 9020). Scan of half fron cover posted.
Ultra: RADIO and TELEVISION plant - opened its first factory in Gosport in 1955 (which closed in 1992).
1987: Ferguson brand was sold off to French company Thomson (under pressure from Japanese competition).
A man (Chris) who worked in Ultra factory in Gosport, owns a (Retro) radio and television shop ( run by his son James).
C & S ELECTRONICS  & RETRO TECHNICAL CENTRE (50 years experience) at 67, Stoke Road, Gosport. They work online and also open to visitors, especially on Saturdays. VHS- dvd conversion, etc. They have Soviet Zenit radio and one Soviet-made Rigonda.
My posts from 2010:
and 2011:
Early 1986: The British Council conference in London University (KQC - King's Queen's Chelsey plus Institute of Education ) was called "Training of Science Teachers Trainers".
Total disappointment for many of participants. We were asked to make reports/accounts of systems of education and teacher training in respective countries. Organizers told us they would learn from us,
Their research projects in Physics Education notably incl. Intuitive Physics, Misconceptions in Physics, etc.
Train-the-Trainer: UK trains over 5000 Ukrainian military:
[ Wed. 12 July, 2017] - Abnormal heat subsided ... .
Five scans from " Memories of ULTRA "on green background posted: pages 54, 64, 82, 83 and 84.
On Saturday there was a green double-dekker bus "Gosport Ferry" on display outside Gosport Library ( 1944-1950 ?). When I told the man (bus driver) that bus conductors should have never been 'removed' from buses, as drivers needed to concentrate on driving, the man responded as follows: Oh, yes, it was nice to be chatting to the woman (conductor), as it was otherwise quite lonely in the drivers cabin.
[ Thurs. 13 July, 2017 ] - Added another scan of the .... distant look-alike of Vladimir Putin - from page 83 (VIP Norman Townsend).
Too many look-alikes about town of Gosport: KGB chief Kruichkov, General Lebed, etc. All in the vicinity of Naval Medical Laboratories.
[Friday 14 July, 2017 ] - I remember Raphael COHN vigorously defended  the traffic crossing/lights  arrangement in Gosport, which I criticised, - the one between Liddle and Samaritans (?) house. Today I had a chat with the so-called LollyPop lady at the road crossing near Spring Garden Hotel. Her UNIFORM (yes, another woman in uniform) in bright yellow and orange has two logos: Hampshire County Council (has close links with other Counties: Lancashire, Yorkshire, etc.) in front and THINK logo at her back. I asked her if Think was a charity. She told me it is a sign/message for the drivers to stop.
NewSpeak coincidence? Some controversy and scandals in Holland associated with DENK party and their people. Denk is Dutch for Think. American tourist remembered Gosport as TURK-Town.
American Naval wife Kay GRIGGS: They take sons of the Generals (real leaders, rulers, honest people) and turn them. Take children from their parents .... . A bright Engineering student (the son of Alhaji Mutallab of UBA in Nigeria) is in prison: brain-washed, scandalised, by CIA-MOSSAD direct involvement.
An old (!) metal lattice in the road (for water drainage) just at the crossing between Gosport MASONIC Hall and (formally) St. Matthew Church has number BS 497. The 'slits' are about 30 cm long and ....6 cm wide ! Wide enough for a small foot to get into.
Leonid Timochouk told me he had a Jewish aunt, when we wondered into Jewish Quarters in PARIS.
A young blond Jewish boy in traditional attire was watching us.
Moscow Railways University (Moscovskiy Institut Zheleznodorozhnogo Transporta ?) was known in Soviet times as Jewish. Any history there? Apparently Leonid had very good Mathematics and Computer Science teachers (ru: prepodavateli).
POLICE - Women in Uniform: Cressida Dick promoted by Amber Rudd.
Local: RUDD, Surgeon Rear-Admiral Eric Thomas Sutherland. C.B.E. 1954.  Medical Officer - in - Charge, Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar.
Portsmouth; Hon. Surgeon to the Queen since 1955, etc.
ZENITH - radio and television and .... COMPUTERS, SPACE technology.
Can't find info in Russian on Wikipedia.
Post ( nr 365 ) -

[ Mon. 17 July, 2017 ] - Waitrose supermarket in Gosport this morning 09:13. Just an inkling ... The woman opposite and my cashier ( a young blond man ) .... Links to Uzbekistan, Kazarstan ... ? That look in her eyes ... .
Reminded me about the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan. Forgot his name. The MI5-6 and torture camps.
ASDA supermarket yesterday: I think they 'lost' it. Gosport 'family': man (did he remove his earring?), woman and child.  Staff Paul and manager David, who had two military badges and a torn ear. Time about 12:44 - 12:47.
I am in the Fareham library now and my comp. 21 has white arrows ( on the right)  painted wrong way round: all four directions. The staff does not know/has not noticed this before.
Just another way to 'sabotage' systems ?
Child Sex Abuse Inquiry. "Rudd &May pay rule flout" by Matt Dathan: " THERESA May and Amber Rudd broke rules by handing six-figure salaries to figures on the child sex abuse inquiry, it emerged yesterday." - Sun, Sat. 15 July, 2017.
ZENIT TV- sets were produced in Moscow plant (so-called Pochtovy Yaschik, - P.O.Box enterprise ), where my father worked. Not far, there was an aviation plant, where Leonid Timochouk's father worked. Small world.
[ Tue. 18 July, 2017 ] - Just posted 3 scans on a dark green background:
1.  May-Rudd-illegal-payments to members of child sex abuse inquiry ... Sun Article.
2. Two Rudd entries in 1958 Who is Who: c/o Lloyds Bank in Gosport given as Address; Another address: H.M.'s Supreme Court, Nairobi, Kenia.
ANGLO-SOVIET Lloyds Shipping INSURANCE ? ...
The key-board defect I wrote about yesterday echoes my earlier stories: Dutch sudents' prank with calculators and my 'discovery' of possible fake forum users ref. fonts and registrations in computer programmes.
By the way, what I wrote about cash vs bank transactions does not mean cash is bad per se.
The so-called digital/internet banking is potential disaster. Total disaster considering present HR and management. Any high-tech development simply should never destroy/exclude low-tech and human sense base.
Disappointed in not finding "UZBEK" comments by Craig Murray about anthropological and psychological issues of RUSSIAN lawyer Veselovskaya and lobbyist/spy ... What's His name?
Printer stalls half-way as I try to print recent posts by CM (as from Dr Who). Did I see ...smth THINK ? After BIG society nonsense ? ...
Serious questions about Middletons and British Royal Family. Possible links between Winchester Jewry Street incident and two ASDA Gosport incidents.
KGB=MOSSAD=MAFIA.  Plus MI5, MI6 "partners".

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