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Addenda Fourteen.

( nr 374 ) - American News about night Refugees
 from Jill Noble:

GAO ( Gov. Accountability Office ) in US released  Report Thursday about Radiation mapping:
Names: NYPD Paul Browne, GAO Michael C. Kane and Sen. Charles Schumer:

Communist Goals link does not work?

 I have a link to website in my post "Addenda Eight cont." :

By the way, ( a link to)  an interview with Israeli Ambassador (Anna Azari ?)  in Russian or Ukranian newspaper, which I posted .... in 2011 (?) disappeared as I discovered some time ago. There she talked about El-Al Israeli plane ( with embassy staff) having been the first ( given permission)  to leave US on 11 Sept. 2001.

[ Mon. 24 April, 2017] - Bought two papers today: Daily Mail and Daily Mirror.
Ex-Navy officer Michael Samwell (35) is killed in front of his wife. It certainly fits into the long list of "Star Wars scientists" who died in strange or unexplained circumstances: suicides, accidents, ...
Looking for the article(s) on TEXTFILES.COM
Family Cohn decided to move from Chelmsford  (ref. Marconi ) up North to Bradley village in Yorkshire for their retirement. Coincidentally, Diana's Van (Dutch roots) lived in Chelmsford.
FRENCH presidential candidate Mr Macron (don't see his first name) is 39 years old. His wife Brigitte Trogneux is 25 years his senior - 64 y. o.
" February Mr.Macron was unexpectedly forced to deny a gay extra-marital affair. Political rivals had alleged he was backed by a 'gay lobby'."
Natasha KUHRT did not respond to my e-mail:
Post ( nr 288 ) -
Torture with Remote Control. David LARSON asks CIA about identities/biographies of four CIA sub-contractors:
By the way,his website was for a while (?) hacked or taken down and 'replaced' with a site that looked Japanese. Indeed, it was, thanks to Nao Ito, my former Eerde student. ( Another valuable help came earlier from Swedish Monika - ref. Millenium Trilogy).
 There was no English or other lang. texts, - only Japanese.  Smth. to do with 'dog haidressing' and there were RUSSIAN WORDS in links/ref.- such as sobaka-kusaka (ru: dog that bites), etc. I recently saw a website 'telling the story' of David Larson and mentioning only two (?) of the four culprits. Some form/content and style point to Russian/Jewish fingerprints.
 Korea, Japan, Russian Far East and Russian Jewish Republic (capital Birobidjan) are geographically close. One dog-hairdressing salon opened recently in FAREHAM.
 Is one of Putin's friends, Roman Abramovich still a governor in Russian Far East?
RACISM as explained by my ex - Victor Adekunle Udom:
[ Wed. 26 April, 2017] - From the Belgian Forum 3 links ref. PETKOV+, Bulgarian Kintex, KGB guidance to EU and NATO highly appreciated: and
The mysterious General Devyver is the author of "Strategy of Tension" psychological warfare.
[ Thurs. 27 April, 2017] - On the Belgian website forum and the 3 links above:
the second and the third link work and lead to my only post " Generaal  Devyver? " in the VRAGEN (questions) sub-section of the FORUM. I had difficulty logging in even with my new password last time. The first link does not work, as it was my search ( for Petkov ?) result and url was temp. (?).
Apart from my posts there is a Reply by Ben 16-12-2015 16:19 to Kintex - Re:Kintex (11 replies, posted in Organisaties), for which the permanent link is:
Roumen Petkov is mentioned by Radaslav Totorov, who was the head of Kintex for 15 years. Prostitution in Brussels has gone from Albanian Mafia to Bulgarian Mafia. The office address of Kintex ( was founded in 1970) was Vitosha Bulevard, 66. The turnover in 1982 was several billions dollars (from sale of drugs, weapons and tobacco).
"...  Brussel was toen voor ons het centrum van de wereld. Denk maar aan de NAVO en de Europese Gemeenschap. Wie had ooit gedacht dat we amper twintig jaar later lid van jullie organisaties zouden worden... De KGB beschouw drugs toen als een machtig wapen  .... Denk maar wat er toen in Amsterdam gebeurde en aan sommige Amerikaanse universiteiten. En wie de drugshandel controleert, heft ook een stevige greep op de international wapenhandel. "
KGB=MOSSAD=MAFIA (Mob) . Rewritten as MO-K-SS-GB-AD.
PS: I remember there was a sentence about KGB's role, but I can't see it now. May be it's elsewhere on Forum of Bende van Nijvel website.
El-App ..... for Apple ?
[Wed. 3 May, 2017] -WORLD WAR TWO:

Rememrance(s) in Netherlands 4&5 May:
75 years ago:
My posts from 2012 and 2016:
[ Friday 5 May, 2017] - Women and their role in ORG. CRIME:
A woman (Police?) receptionist ( baliemedewewerkster) did not forward pointed complaint against Police "Mole" Mark M. made by another woman - an ex girl-friend of Jeffry van den A.  back in Nov. 2014.
Report from today's De Limburger (see link):
Mark M. had Ukranian girl-friend/WIFE (Olena?).
It seems the video (after short ad, 3/4 pic/photo) in the online De Limburger is no more available (?). Key words: BlueView database police system, top police post, police vs Satudara MC, police Oost-Brabant, Police Eindhoven, etc.
The Court case against Mark M. is to start on Tuesday.
The world is getting smaller. Three TANYA's in the Hague (ref. Kiev, Sochi, Tallinn: Indonesia, Turkey, Argentina, etc.). I lost contact with Natasha (an artist, daughter of an artist father) who lived with her son in Rijswijk and moved to Belgium.
EINDHOVEN is known as "Russian" city, Sisters of Peter the Great dominate (?). There was a trail to a family of "Mother of all Mafia" in Eindhoven (?) in the case of disappearance in Amsterdam of Soviet Jewish emigrant from St. Petersburg Boris Fastovski . Zembla documentary: Bank in Luxembourg, Black Death Vodka, etc.
[ Sat. 6 May, 2017] - Almost funny! ... No image for Boris Fastovski, and I tried different search engines. Isn't he still missing?
 Retiring Prince Philip was at the head of a staggering  800 charities.
By the way, Ukranian wife of Police Mole MARK M. (he is married and wants to go to Ukraine) reminds me of a local case here on the South Coast of ENGLAND when local paper The News reported a Top Police Officer getting married to a young Ukranian woman, who came to England seeking protection from Ukranian Mafia.
[ Mon. 8 May, 2017] - Name-sakes, look-alikes ... Saw a woman this morning outside St. Matthews Court, who looked like a relative of Theresa May. Recently in a local business brochure found electrician Erdogan from Stubbington. And a very interesting set of names in the book I was reading (diagonaly) yesterday. Shall bring it to the library tomorrow.
Definitely an "angry" hacking output on my search for photos of the MISSING Boris Fastovski, where on one page there is a strange collection of "nice" photos of anything except BORIS FASTOVSKI. One photo stands out - of a Slovak or Slovene (sk ?) artist. 
Old posts of mine:
Can't get the video in the rmn post: ROTHSHILD SHILL MACRON WINS WINS FRENCH ELECTION:
Just watched one minute video ME GRIJPT IN OP DE COOLSINGEL of football fans disturbances in Rotterdam. What a sad waste of energy! Playing CABAL's game:
Just posted a scan Boris Fastovski - Afbeeldingen (search results for photograph of missing Boris Fastovski).
As I wrote many years ago, they are profiling themselves. The Dutch search engine is much better than google, but not so in this case.
So, the criminals, who kidnapped Boris Fastovski have a lot to hide.
Is his photo in the Missing Persons database of Europol/Interpol ?
[ Tue. 9 May, 2017] - As I mentioned yesterday to my daughter and granddaughters, I have these questions about a woman, we met on our way home from school yesterday( like on many previous occasions), just before the "lolly-pop" crossing. The stretch of way full of colourful impressions - now and then. She looked like a PE teacher to me in her black sports outfit. Looked angry or upset about something. I remembered women I saw/spoke to: in Gosport library, in St. Matthews Court and in Moscow ( contact of Rene's mum from Wassenaar).
As I read about Flynn/Obama/Trump in Dutch news today, I must say that a rare and brief photo of his ( Flynn's) wife (blond) reminded me of a picture from my wedding, where a look-alike (brunette) Russian woman is sitting at the table with her African boy-friend in the background. He was one of the few African students with tribal marks on his face.
I don't have the printout by hand, but the Belgian website (Bende van Nijvel) has a British retired general mentioned as a director of Nutribel (ref. Kintex) in the search results for 'Russian connections'.
From "USSR in World War Two" (Moscow 1985, APN) by Leonid Yeremeyev (1911-1973).
Translated from the Russian by Gulhammid Sobratee. Translation edited by Selena Kotlobai.
Page (between) 48-49: "The Nazis massacred millions of people in death camps of Auschwitz, Dachau, Maidanek, Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald, and other places. More than 6 million Soviet citizens were put in hard labour camps in Germany and Nazi-occupied countries."
Behaviour Modification was the ultimate goal behind Remote Viewing or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) [ corr.sp. 2 Dec. 2017] research. More on 1977 book " Mind-Reach" by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff next week or earlier.
Scan of WW2 Soviet book posted.
[ Wed. 10 May, 2017] - FBI chief sacked? Unbelievable. I begin to wonder who really is 'running' American politics, which is becoming .... erratic (?).
This morning Lloyds Bank machine in Gosport just stalled after I entered my pin number. I had to press green button 'enter' twice. If smb. outside 'Vanilla' shop had his app (?) on, there might have been an unexpected 'clash of tech'. New 'smart' tech. comes too fast without any checks/tests.
Heard about start of criminal investigation ref. BRITISH POLICE/ELECTIONS, but can't find details. [ corr. sp. 2 Dec. 2017].

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