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Mylene de la HAYE.

( nr 377 ) - Mylene de la Haye, whom I misnamed as Maylene, is a Dutch investigative journalist, singer and writer. On her website in Holland ( she posted her solo singing with male musicians group and smth. very important: her report about British Air Show (in Newcastle?) - the story with photographs taken there.
 One was a group photo of Dutch/British pilots where she is held horizontally by the men in front row, another - a group of children ( boys about 8 years old, blond. blue eyes) who were there to take autographs from ....
men like F-16 pilot captain Chris VANEKER.
The scan on a yellow background is from 28 April 2011 about " F-16 pilot KGB spy! " by Charles Sanders.
Captain Vaneker was arrested in the Hague on 17 march 2011. The KGB in Belorussia did not change its name to FSB. Air-base VOLKEL, escadron 313, doing business with a resident of Belorussia, A. Lukashenko, S. Sukarenka (in Dutch: Stsyapan Soekjarenka), Gadaffi, etc.
When I wrote KGB=Mossad=Mafia I used KGB as a collective name for Soviet/Communist security agencies: FSB, SVR, GRU, NKVD, etc. plus agencies of Communist Block countries, which admitted only recently to have been under KGB control. Still controlled by KGB, Mossad, Mafia?
Yobos ... Nice boys ...

Ex-PM David Cameron had an awful experience of being spat at by a teenager.
Two teenage boys in Gosport Library (were they Russian ?) spat furiously in a lift on a 1-2-3 buttons the moment I stepped in and they ran out. The library staff refused to identify them or follow it up.
A man (father, trainer?) seemed to have been there with them. Next time when I came out of the lift they sat facing the lift as if challenging/ appealing to me.
It all happened shortly after I wrote online in RUSSIAN about severely abused and damaged Russian children. I used English letters to transcribe the text.
Portsmouth Football - POMPEY.
 British "footbalers" ?
They should keep their hands off Young Talent.
Today Mark Catlin (looks like a Russian/Ukranian) in our local paper declares plans ... etc.
By the way, Michael Eisner (does not look Russian, looks Jewish) reminded me of a photo of Chelmsford MP, who stepped down recently.
The horror of mass abuse (sexual, physical, psychological) of young footballers is made worse by
a stalemate in investigations.
So-called WOMEN and CRIME.
[ Sat. 17 June, 2017 ] - CHILDREN of Chernobyl and CHILDREN of Beslan are based in GOSPORT. Thus generations of ... refugees, child refugees.
KGB Lebedev ( i - paper) thinks it a good idea to publish article about NAOMI  KLEIN's rubbish about Corbyn vs May. How ugly she looks !
I went to Amsterdam years ago to hear Naomi Klein (No Logo fame), not knowing she was a LESBIAN . I quickly noticed that there were hienious (sp.?) women in the audience.
Another woman (British or American) who raised questions about children, was ignored.
By the way, I haven't seen tortoise figurines in Charity shops of recent. KGB Evg. Skoblikov collected them. Well, he said his father was a KGB. He said 'my sotrudnichaem' about Dutch secret services. He was surprised to have people coming forward to work for KGB without any effort to recruit them. I heard term experimental psychosis * from him for the first time.
He often used to say: Ya - Russki Muzhik!. Skoblikov talked about his underaged daughter working as 'a model' in Paris (he had a Dutch wife), getting some inheritance (in France?) and prostitution being a legit. occupation. He also talked about WORK and EMPLOYMENT: the only chance/possibility of work was in 'silovye structury' - police, military, etc.
Satanic MIND (+body) control includes NLP or NewSpeak. I remember reading about American attorney (?) with Italian name, who proposed removing the word MAFIA from legislation, because according to him MAFIA did not exist any more.
The MK is affecting people globally, 'thanks' to High-Tech.
There were psychotic reactions to my speaking about Latvian Pedo Michelson (years ago), the first being a woman who worked in Fareham library. I stood just outside, and she ran out, saying I should not use the word paedophile, as 'people get very upset'.
The post about American Police women (? - why were their faces blurred?) reminded me about excursion/tour on board HMS Victory, where a woman guide (naval uniform) scared a group of children - blood drained from their faces. NLP psychopath programming.
False executions and torture ? Psychopaths at work.
* I remembered now - Skoblikov (ref. Delft TU) said: Experimental NEUROSIS (nevros). That was his response to my phone call and I think he was smiling at the other end of telephone line. I had a troubling experience at KTI ( Mann subsidiary?) in Zoetermere of a Dutch manager (HR) walking into my office to say Russian woman (there were two at the time) took out a gun/pistol from her bag to coerce him to extend her contract. I was in turmoil, as I felt I was expected (?)  to deal with her. What was expected of me? The answer was: Razoruzhit ! (to go and disarm her). I definitely had friction with her already and she was not 'under my command'. She was incompetent, provincial and came free-lance (?) as a CAD (computer aided design) engineer (?).
And a couple of years ago here in UK I came upon the photo of the other (younger Russian, with Dutch husband) as a manager at KTI in Zoetermere. Librarian at Portsmouth Central Library (a young jew, who made me think about Fishman family in Kazan) while looking through my print jobs (they do that in Portsmouth) got excited and angry and told me that I did not need that website page print (Why?! You don't need that! Smth about the website being ..etc.)
[ Mon. 19 June, 2017] - My KTI work was via agency in Mariahoeve Winkel Centrum and was very different (ref. Management) from ABB Lummus experience. KTI, if I remember correctly, was a subsidiary of German Mannesmann, and not Mann as I wrote above. Mann is linked to David A. Larsen case (torture with remote control). Also 'experimental' came up later when I read about Soviet Psychiatric hospital, which was closed to foreign visitors.
[ Tue. 20 June, 2017 ] - What I did not say or elaborate on today:
1. From foreign tourists appearances: it seems French/American/etc. men of middle age (and higher) wear clothes of a more decent/dignified design than here. We almost got used to 'fashion' that makes both women and men ... ugly and socially degraded.

2. Two days ago on Saturday, there were some interesting ... SPANISH (?) tourists or visitors in Gosport. Did not hear Spanish spoken, but there was that Latin temperament and theatre.
NHS medical mafia? Cuban links? They turned their faces away. 
The JFK or  John and Robert Kennedy murderers linked to (KGB=MOSSAD=Mafia ):
Belorussia, Haiti, Mexico, Cuba, Moscow, Communist (Warsaw Block) countries.

3. Otto Frederick Warmbier died in Cincinnati, Ohio hospital.
German Wikipedia entry gives not only German translation of Otto's plea, but the original text in English. Onuora Nwuneli  (ref. Lynn Nwuneli and children) went to Korea (North or South?) as an American or International student. Told us about the horror of Korean transvestite prostitutes who tried to break into their hotel suit/room.

4. End of 2001: International POLICE conference in (SOUTH) KOREA where some high-tech MKultra  tools and methods were advertised. To be used against (would-be) criminals?
Used against police and children, of course. Link to Ch.4/Tim Rifat article somewhere.
European HEAT WAVE ? - It's OK as long as we are not 'microwaved' .... .
Another Dutch journalist and cameraman in trouble:
[ Wed. 21 June, 2017 ] -
17 Photos:
Radio frequencies used for torture with remote control.
WHO are those CIA contractors ? -
High-Tech in the hands of Big Criminals.
German website Microwave Terror -
Parents (!) of Otto Warmbier request that NO AUTOPSY is carried out on the body of their late son:
[ Thurs. 22 June, 2017] - Some 'trouble' with online translations (incl. Russian) and etymologies.
CINCINNATI ... ??? - no explanation.
University of Portsmouth: The Head of Dept. of MUSIC studied in Cincinnati - I checked after he suggested I sent my questions by e-mail (no time to meet).
It was about the date of 6 May 2012 and his somewhat ... artistically Proletarian mode of dress during a concert in Trinity Church Gosport. Former VC Prof Craven and some Georgian/Jewish (?) countess was there.
Grandiose THEATRICS ( incl. vandalism) on that day in Gosport. Trinity Church in Gosport has a STAR of DAVID instead of a CROSS on top. 'Dutch' musicians, ICONOCLASTIC anti-Christian theatre, OLD ORGAN was not restored as planned.
Dutch politician Pim Fortuin (sp?) was assassinated 6 May 2002. He was Jewish and openly homosexual. He advocated radical change in relations between men, women and children.
Sunday 6 May, 2012 was also Second Jewish Passover. The Head of Music ( a young man) told me there was no significance in the date, etc.
"It's a Wonderful Life " American film was 'edited' in a jubileum brochure enclosed with a VHS. There text contained 'revision(-ist)' and the face of the honest banker strangely looked like .... Roman Abramovich. There is a post and a scan on this website. Romanian Gen. Pacepa mentiones Pig Farms built by Israel in Romania.
 David Cohn's face lit up with joy (very expressive character ...) when I mentioned ( during visit to Bradley village in North Yorkshire) smoked sausages imported from Israel sold in a supermarket in Arbat in Moscow ( a new development). He is a staunch supporter of Conservative Party in UK. He also tried there and then to extract a pro-Putin commitment, as I tried to be evasive/diplomatic.
A scan posted on a bright green background: - the website of Dutch journalist Maylene de la Haye
 "... is parked for FREE, courtesy of "
[ 23 June, 2017] - Elena Timina - her contract in Holland ends 1 July and is NOT extended:

[ 27 June, 2017] - Turkey, Israel and Russia ( KGB=MOSSAD= MOB)
were involved in CHILD trafficking organized crime ran by men and WOMEN - the Woman Mafia boss was a middle-aged Russian woman in a Wheelchair . Early nineties. They also did DRUGS.
There was a Dutch TV doc. about a young Pole, who, while thinking he was a 'drug mule', actually was used to carry radioactive materials. He lifted his shirt to show extensive erosion. He was dying and decided to speak out.
I shall scan and post pictures I took yesterday ( ref. Parker Torrington Ltd ) of a very suspect arrangement: fire without 'barbecure' plus huge screen ( with text) plus big wet wooden blocks in a Morrisons trolley). Fire Safety inspection sheet (gray A4) disappeared from the notice board the day Grenfell Flats went on fire in London.
CANADA: Jewish doctor from Moscow Institute of Space Medicine Dr. Galina Edwardovna Ismailovskaya ( KGB Russian husband, two daughters) talked about visiting (Russian speaking) couple in Canada.  She was disappointed not to have been invited by an Armenian woman in the Hague ( photo somewhere by a WW2 monument to Russian POWs). She also said her father 'disappeared' at the end of WW2.
They control both/all sides.
They do everything for more than one reason.
High-Tech fire plus screen/app may be a beacon or signal communications with sats.
[ Wed. 28 June, 2017 ] - Fire Safety ? Playing fool/mental ?
Four scans of five photos posted.
Bob from flat 22 downstairs told me that he did not go to see/identify the body of his son, who committed suicide; his ex-wife did. He also went to FAREHAM for some kind of "dealing with death" help.
Spoke to a blond Russian woman this morning downstairs in the library. The one who spoke to me near Gosport Ferry while having her leg in a cast, which made me remember Natalia Abramovna (Leonid's mother), whom I spoke to on the phone only (she had her leg in a cast).
[ Friday 30 June, 2017] - The blond Russian woman (shall I 'denote' her BRw ?) was all smiles as I entered the library.
She addressed me by name at the Gosport Ferry (Galina! What are we going to do?!).
Russian+Military conjecture on my part remained un-answered, she literally 'ran off''.
And, of course, as American Naval wife KAY GRIGGS says in her video,
 They Were Never Enemies with the Soviets.
By the way, JFK acronym omits assassination of ROBERT KENNEDY.
The 'younger version' of Onuora Nwuneli yesterday in the Gosport Library (comp. opposite mine) was definitely an ..... assignement for women by .... Jewish women in US and Russia (?).
Nigerian women associates? ...
UNILAG :Onuora Nwuneli once came back home to tell us a story: journalism students (boys and girls) decided to get exam QandA ( questions and answers) by sending a girl who upon entering Onuora's office ... took off her blouse.
Text - Words - Pictures: global high-tech spreads Mind-Control and 'makes mistakes' - people come up with words and concepts that are clearly "machined" and were used before (historically). Writers and their nationality can be traced. Shall give examples later. Absolutely wrong kind of people have interest in gifted children.


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