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Mama Cash.

( nr 383 ) - Scan of a letter ( in Dutch, from Russia Desk in Amsterdam) posted: 
1997 conference in Rotterdam - " Sister of Peter the Great ".
Vincent Pennock invited me to go/come along with him, which I did.
I did speak about the experiences and impressions years ago, such as:  women in uniform, lesbians, business ideas seemingly limited to hair-dressing and beauty treatments, Mothers of Soldiers org., etc.
Russian Member of Parliament (Duma) Galina Starovoitova was assassinated on her return home to St. Petersburg. There were two puzzling moments ref. her behaviour at the conference:
1. As we ( Vincent and I ) sat in the front row, she, upon entering the room on her way to the podium, nodded/greeted me (to my surprise, as I never met or saw her before), but not Vincent. He was very surprised too, as he knew her, but was ignored.
2. She was there in part as an anthropologist, so during the interval, I came up to her and spoke about my interest in cultural differences, but she was absolutely non-responsive.
[ Thurs. 21 Sept. 2017 ] - German Elections this Sunday 24 Sept. 2017. IMHO the German contestant parties and politicians quite appaling! Martin Schultz ( ref. Cohn-Bendit, etc.), AfD (homosexuals!), Die Linke (no comment) .... .
CABAL is international indeed.
Post Addenda Four -
Latush- Latysh- Latvian?
MOSCOW (year 1972?) - Victor Udom told me that Lena Lozhikova (Jewish), contrary to what I thought at the time, was NOT my friend, and that I would see it for myself. Next comes Lena Lozhikova! Enters the room and completely ignores me. It was quite a shock.
Louzh - Lozh - Louzhkov ? ... She did say her name was changed from Loshakova as it alluded to Anton Chekhov's story "Loshadinaya Familia". Louzh-Nik(i)?
We had a teacher (school 803) .... Klavdia Ivanovna Starovoit.
The e-mail from my brother may or may not be genuine. His e-mail is not visible. Shall send another postcard etc. One junk e-mail in my in-box is from ... Dr. Malik Kaplan who has a Hotmail address.
My previous post:
[ Friday 22 Sept. 2017] - SOROS funding is mentioned in the "Lesbian Sisters" type of activities.
By the way, AMSTERDAM is the Mossad European HQ, as became evident during investigation of Israeli Plane Crash near Amsterdam in 1992 on Oct. 4:
Hmm ... Dr. Malik KAPLAN ? How many of them have a drmalikkaplan account at
Riots and violence are EASILY instigated and provoked with a High-Tech gadget/app(liance). I have seen that "trick" a few times in Gosport used on military or prison inmates.
It's a Delgado Bull experiment with a "reverse" switch idea: makes smb. suddenly and extremely upset and/or violent, then, also suddenly, back to quiet and passive state.
My post (nr 377):
[ Sat. 23 Sept. 2017] - Belgian (?) website about Bende van Nijvel has info gap about 1980s, which I noticed earlier. 1985 is the year of the SPY.
Medical Mafia . KGB=Mossad=Mafia. (= CIA=MI5=MI6=etc.)
There is a post here about a Russian/Latvian KGB defector in Britain, who alleged that MI6 tortured him and ..... (shall check). As Kay Griggs had said, "they (degenerates) were never enemies with the Soviets". Torture with remote control can simulate/cause pain, symptoms and subsequent real/pretend/unnecessary treatment/surgery. My aunt, who has had several ops to remove kidney stones, had asked the doctor (stones shown): How do I know it's mine?
"They" can simulate anything ... .
1985 - KGB Vitaly Yurchenko defected to CIA Aug. 1 and defected back to Soviet Union 3 months later. Some details: .... he believed that he was dying of stomach cancer and hoped for treatment in the US; ... medical investigations revealed that he only had a stomach ulcer. Soviet diplomat's wife ( in Montreal or Ottawa?) Svetlana Dedkov(a)
was another "motive". - From the book "The SPY" by Paul Simpson, in which I looked for Tomlinson of MI6, but found only David Shayler. Online: VY on retirement in Kaluga? Kaluga - Kali-Yuga ? One of the female KGB+ rats in Gosport Library has put/displayed book with KALUGIN face/mug on its cover.
One missing (?) line from recent post:
Maloletnie bliadi stanoviatsa mnogoletnimi.
Radio Frequencies and TORTURE with Remote Control: David A. Larson of California (bio-medical engineer?) won his case in court. His website LM: had a lot of medical and technical documents. Two pages can be seen in my post 246 (just before smb. took it down ?) and my post 247 shows anatomical map of microchip implants. JAPANESE website (with some RUSSIAN words in reg. data) took his url name to advertise DOG (hair-dresser) GROOMING:
Post 290: GOSPORT- April 2011 -
[ Mon. 25 Sept. 2017 ] - SWIFT ? .... Dr. Kaplan's e-mail has SWIFT attachment.
 Scan on blue background posted.
Laser gun with Infra-Red Sensor on Sat. night 23.9. 2017.
Going to Fareham to develop my photos. For a split second this morning I remembered KARADICH and his transformation from Serb "hero" to Kabbalistic Jew ... .
It was certainly a woman who quickly 'cleaned up' at the back of the St. Matthews Court (21-32 flats) and shifted the table (170 cm length) to cover the burnt grass. Katy walked down the stairs Sunday morning smiling - had her large ear-phones on. Should tell her there was another "Katy" in flat 29.
The woman I saw off this morning did say she had heard THE FIRE ALARM. She did change her tone at the point when I wondered whether she was going to take bus to work at all. She did - bus 9 just after 8am.
[ Tue. 26 Sept. 2017] - I have spoken to Councillor Burgess this morning (right outside Parker Torrington Ltd in High Street) and have taken him to the back of St. Matthews Court block (flats 21-32)  to show him "the crime scene". Bob (flat 22) and Mickel (? flat 23) were at home and came outside. There is a meeting with POLICE this morning. I gave Councillor Burgess a note on my letter-head for further contact and information. A young woman  who passed me (I looked back) just opposite Fox Pub is perhaps a neighbour at flat 30 who is a heavy smoker, but I am not sure.
The woman I spoke to yesterday came out of flat 24 and was in a hurry. She looked to me as she might have been a mother or aunt to Michael. It was the second time I saw her in the building.
I remember discussions with a nice woman neighbour Kay, who lived in flat 23, but moved out (just as Phil from flat 24). I mentioned to her women of some distinct ethnicity, who deliberately dressed  and made themselves to look ugly and even frightening. Liked color black a lot. One entered News kiosk yesterday morning. Horror Theater .... Does she live near Newtown Primary School? ....
A metal pan (tripod) with yellow liquid inside disappeared from the lawn since yesterday.
Last week local paper The News expressed dismay and disapproval at Pro-Legalisation of Drugs stand or campaign of Prince William. There was a report a couple of months ago (in Daily Record?) about the death of a man in a hotel in Ireland (Dublin?) who claimed to be the real Prince Harry and wrote a book about it.
BRASIL - Brazilian Police found machine producing 15 000 bags/sachets of cocaine a day:
Two WOMEN and One Man arrested in San Paolo.
After I spoke about it ( around 12:30) and displayed some photos, two sports jumpers, which hang on a clothing line for the past FOUR days, disappeared: one dark red with yellow bird/seagull and GUL logo. Another American (?) with Champion - Rochester - (!)
The controversial Turkish cleric Gul ... Russian pre-1917 revolutionary and anarchist movement was called CHAIKA (seagull in Russian) just like Chaika Theater (Anton Chekov +).
Word/Name CHAIKA featured prominently in Yorkshire not long ago: to do with restaurants (?), care-homes etc. Since Crimean War GOSPORT got a TURK-TOWN nick-name.
Erdogan and wife visited Gosport a few years ago (I wrote about it: ref. Antonov spending the night in Gosport police station).  Turkish cemetery in Gosport is looked after by Turkish Embassy.
The GUL sports-clothing company in Portsmouth  (online info: Gul International at Gunwarf Guays, Portsmouth  023 9229 3956) could not be found - closed four years ago (?) or hidden camera again? ...
Provincial types (ex-Soviet+) have no idea how they 'stand out from the crowd' .
Historically Jewish Mob (Mafia) in America is linked to 2 unions: trucking/lorry drivers and GARMENT workers, i.e. textile, clothing, fashion, lingerie. Mayer Lansky comes from Polish/Russian GRODNO. His full name is Mayer Suhowliansky.
Acronym SWIFT (see attachment to e-mail from Dr. Malik Kaplan) is a supra (?) network for secure bank transfers. From FBI and computer experts: Jared Kushner and Amb. Kislyak (or other indiv. for US and Russian sides) were contemplating having a super secret lines of communications via BANKS. Some strange signals/calls ( ref. servers ) were registered between ALFA bank in Moscow ( Friedman?) and TRUMP Towers in US.
[ Wed. 27 Sept. 2017 ] - Six scans of ten photos (without color frame/background)  posted:
 ref. St. Matthews Court FIRE outbreak plus LASER-INFRA-RED weapon on Sat. 23 Sept. night.
NEWS ROUND kiosk on High Street: was sorry/shocked to hear that a woman (previous owner: middle-aged, blond, smoker) died three months ago. I was under impression she lived in the White Lion Walk - Fox Pub area. There were major headlines (last year?) in The News about CRIME there.
Three posts from 2015: one in January and two in April:


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