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( nr 302 ) Christian King George VI, died at about 4 am on Wednesday, February 6, 1952. The first person to know this was King's under-valet, who brought tea in at 7:15am. There is a photo+ exhibition " King George VI " in Gosport Library (renamed a Discovery Center) courtesy Mr. Fred Walters. The famous photo: ' Three Queens. Three Women. One Grief. ' depicts three individual expressions of grief of the daughter, mother and wife of King George VI.

The special free edition of Daily Mail of Thursday, 7 February gave a detailed account of the historic event. The King was out shooting on Tuesday and seemed in good health.

In 1995 in Moscow there were grand celebrations of 50th anniversary of the WWII victory of 9 May, 1945.

Among many foreign guests was British PM John Major, who received from the hands of controversial Russian President Boris Eltson ... the sword presented to Joseph Stalin by King George VI.

CONAN DOYLE, a medical doctor and famous writer, was a member of the Literary and Scientific Society in Portsmouth. The Chairman or President of that Society was the prototype of the evil doctor Prof. Moriarty. It turns out, that none of Conan Doyle's children had children, thus, sadly, there are no descendants of Conan Doyle. One considerable private collection is now being Disney-fied in Portsmouth (as someone had found the right word for it).

The 1945 film "The woman in Green" is based on Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Evil Prof. Moriarty linked to gruesome murders and mutilations, wherby honest people from good families are set up, hypnotised, led to believe they had commited vile murders during some lapse of insanity, which they remember nothing about. When I was searching for Lydia Marlow(e) character, there was a brief appearance of Marlow Films company, but it disappeared again.

Two photos of an Egyptian display of statuettes (made in China/Korea) which shocked many people, including myself. The Rowan Charity shop in Gosport, near Waitrose, has volunteer pensioners working there. One woman at the till during Egyptian exhibition surprised me by saying that it "may be dangerous" for me to wear the name card (the badge with my name and url of my website). I asked about the gender of one warrior, who had very broad shoulders, but strange triple skin folds (?) and received no explanation.

Turkish President in Gosport - front page of The News paper Friday, Nov. 25, 2011. The case against Joris Demmink in Netherlands stumbles:

PEDOGATE - Ombudsman Financial Services in Holland, Mr. Wabeke, resigns without explanation. Interesting discussions:

Interview with Noreen Gosch:

Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy" - goal 26 from Communist Goals (1963). The deadly science/med/tech. side of it all is not even mentioned, however. The first time my post was hacked was in Portsmouth Central Library a couple of years ago, when I wrote: KGB=MOSSAD or MO-K-SS-GB-AD. So-called Lenin Universty(s) network of secret communist agents training run by Lavrentiy Beria ( search Psychopolitics )abroad was investigated in US. What about other countries?

Southampton 20 years ago: Sharon Ship was lucky to to fight off attempted abduction of her baby son by two men and a woman in Kent Street. Another woman had her five-year old daughter abducted by two teenage girls. The child was found in Manchester. From Thursday, Jan.26, 2012 Daily-Echo paper, True Crimes Files.

I did not know that Skoda cars was a division of a defence company and linked to SEMTEX plastic explosives:

Such is life ! Police Chief arrested for driving under influence:


[ Tuesday 7 Feb.] - I made some minor corrections/clarifications above and removed the dotted lines separating sub-topics and paragraphs - in the attempt to get rid of unwanted gaps. So, the text is not one continous story. I hope it stays compact.

Smth. about encompassing so-called star-wars high-tech and secret facilities:

1. When secret military underground bases are mentioned, the underground spaces and facilities under supermarkets, shopping centers, houses, etc. are not mentioned.

2. When mil. high tech was discussed (more than once), 3 levels were mentioned - ground, above ground and space. Underground level was left out.

3. From the realm of dual/dubious use and misuse of technology: laser surgery is well known, but space or portable laser weapons can be used to cause accidents - major and minor ones.

A force applied to a small area results in cut/puncture. Someone described (in Russian, I think) how a high-tech force can push/pull or literally beat someone up - with an 'invisible hand'. Dynamic equilibrium or delicate static conditions can be maliciously upset. Newton's Laws. When I went online searching for more information (about a year ago), the search produced only ridiculous 5-min. unscientific videos (dumbing-down). Plus microchips, of course.

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