Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Mad Women cont.

( nr 305 ) Latvian Anarchists ? Yesterday on Wikipedia, the links to Anarchist Red Cross twice diverted me to Anarchist Black Cross.
My wedding picture was published in Red Cross magazine, which must have been the end of 1972 or early 1973 issue. Magazines UNESCO etc. were available in the Soviet Union on a limited subscription or sale, with Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University being one of the subscibers (?). Search for "Latvian"  on this website shows six posts (nr 205, 295, 296,288,289 and 303). Handwritten 'Latvian' in nr 290 and  ref. 2006 registration of Party of Paedophiles in post nr 211:
Olga Patta ? ...
PS: Some scans from my websites seem to be missing. Shall do the check. Perhaps the unwanted and changing gaps between paragraphs obscured the change in the lengths of some posts.
[ Sat. 5 May 2012] - Sadistic. A disturbing word which should never have found its way into books and lexicon about PREGNANCY is " Bump". Mad women's theory about "worker bees" ( see previous post Mad Women) and those who have invested interest in it may be behind it. Mad women and those who hate women working together.
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