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( nr 311 )   Birth and Death Certificates. Family Companies. Inheritance. Police Corruption. Organized Crime. Communist Underground. Women Police Constables (WPC). The book "Bent Coppers" (2003, 2004 ed.) documents one case with 3 women involved: WPC Anne Lobb, former policewoman Sarah Topping and her lesbian lover Melanie Leighton from Treasury unit. Would Anne Lobb have reported the crime if the solicitor did not say 'he was unhappy about some aspects of the [forged] will' ?
About 2 and a half years ago, in FAREHAM library a talk for Older People was held by a legal-financial team of experts. When I asked one of them about a badge/symbol he was wearing (I thought it was Masonic), he said it was of a Hospice (Rowan Hospice ?). The information that came forth had a shocking advice: we were told that a BABY could be written in a Family Company as an EMPLOYEE with a salary.
I questioned the idea and a "job description" for an impossible "employee". I did not get an answer, but the man said it was possible.
There was a strange 'flipover' of two compartments in the red post boxes in Holland around Millenium. Local-national-international changed AND on the night (1999-2000) there was a spooky notice there about where "Rouwbrieven" (sp?) should go. Was there more than the bogus Millenium bug going on?
I was unhappy about Birth Certificates as written out in the Dutch Charity SHAM-AMA, as mentors (I was one of them) had to accompany young women to maternity hospital.
The ad "BABY you can drive my car" - "How fatherhood saved Alan Davies from his demons" is very wrong in text and picture ( published in The Mail on Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012).
Daily Mail, Wed. Aug.29, 2012 published "Police fear 90 cases may be tainted after crime scene officer is arrested". Stephen Beattie, was arrested in May last year.
ANNECY Alps massacre. The Independent on Sunday (16.09.2012) writes on news page 23: " ... Former SAS author Chris Ryan has an intriguing take on the Annecy killings. Ryan knows the area well .....
Ryan thinks the make of gun used, a Skorpion, is highly significant. ' It's a gun that was much used by the Serb hit squads'". By the way, I remember in the BBC documentary "The Death of Yougoslavia" a journalist talks to a woman survivor in a muslim village about "Serb murderers", and she said: "We don't know who they were - they wore balaklavas."
The cyclist who was gunned down Sylvain Mollier (45) lived in the area and worked in the nuclear industry. His family wanted the body cremated, but the French Court ruled against it -
Vibrations and resonance ....
Yes, that South African non-fiction writer ( name ) wrote about a fatal accident with the gendarme whistle  (i
Tue 25 Septemer to Tue 2 October - in Skipton, North Yorkshire.
[ Fri. 21 Sept. 2012] Lyall Watson described properties of some very low frequency vibrations in his book "Supernature".

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