Friday, 23 October 2009

( nr 233 ) The four scans above are: Sex offenders in charities (The Times, Tue.20 Oct.09), pickpockets caught red-handed in Fareham (The News, Sat.17 Oct.), gifted Jemima Phillips 28, Royal harpist, is charged with four burglaries ( same issue of Times) and Georgi Arbatov's profile from
Star Wars- SDI- Strategic Defence Initiative story in "SDI and the Jailing Of Lyndon Larouche" by Paul Gallagher :
YouTube video of Dr. Gary Null in rmn post:
By the way, in Britain the new chair ( from April this year) of GMC - General Medical Council, is Prof. Peter Rubin, who is the editor of "Prescribing in pregnancy" book.
What does he think about current professinal and public concerns?

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