Monday, 26 October 2009

( nr 234 ) Eight scans above: 4 from many pages of local reports about Princess Anne's visits;
Camilla talks to Craig Wood; Lord Lieutenant Dame Mary Fagan has picked a Southampton teenager to be her cadet. The two top scans are the police matters: a former Hampshire village bobby has been charged with sex offences against three boys and the Southampton police not happy with the 26-year old Dave MacLean, the boss of Atraks, which launched a private patrol service in Southampton.
News of The World yesterday reports on "love-match made in hell". Two monsters, Rose West and Tracey Connely (the mother of Baby P.) struck a lesbian affair, "they kiss and grope each other every chance they get".
The Times, 20 Oct.2009: Gordon Brown will call today for civil partnership ceremonies to be held in the Palace of Westminster.
The Times, 8 October 2009: "... 30 miles of the river Trent were polluted by cyanide and sewage. ... Agency officials are checking local companies that have permits allowing the limited release of substances such as cyanide. It is used in metal-plating, agriculture and mineral extraction and by pharmaceutical companies."
The Sun 8 Oct.2009: Ukranian former drug addict Sergey, 31, brazenly suggested Sir Elton might pay for him and 15-months-old Lev to live in Britain. Elton can have Lev... if I can come, too.
The Times 23 Oct.2009: Hanna Strange writes about young women disappearing in Mexico again. Between 1993 and 2005 about 400 young women were killed in Ciudad Juarez.
Barclay's Bank " touch screen" Statements machine did not work, I was told, because I had (thin) gloves on. Is it a biosensor technology?... Are fingerprints in the memory somewhere?
Alvin Malnik, who claimed to be an executor of Michael Jackson's will in the commentary by Seamus McGraw dated 7/1/01 on plus more :
Lyndon LaRouche: a lot to read on Wikipedia and
Around 1981 ( ?) there were signs of "change" in the Soviet diplomatic service. First, Soviet women abroad were asked by a visiting lawyer about any difficulties and wishes they had, which was unprecedented. Etc, etc. Then there were rumours that many Soviet diplomats were caught smuggling drugs. Were they?
At the time marriages to foreigners were allowed, but travel abroad was still an officially sanctioned business: tourism or government service. So, a foreigner did not have any privilege of residence in the USSR due to a marriage to a Soviet citizen. Among Nigerian (post-) graduates with Russian family in 1975 only one got a job in Radio Moscow and could stay. Soviet wives like myself were issued automatically with "vyezd na postoyannoe zhitelstvo" exit vizas. The formula was of the JEWISH EMIGRATION, while marriages were apolitical. There was de facto no legal provision for an international marriage. Nobody complained.
With a Soviet passport, one had to apply for a Soviet visa to visit parents in Moscow. There was a distinction: if your husband was from a capitalist country, you could visit your parents once in two years, if from a Socialist country - once every year. Third world countries were regarded as moving towards socialism, so one could visit annually.
A link there to "The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to corrupt".

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