Wednesday, 28 October 2009

( nr 235 ) Eleven scans (cont. from nr 234) are not in the sequence I posted them (just as, for instance, in the last post) so here is the summary:
- More photos of Princess Anne.
- Gosport War Memorial case of Dr. Jane Barton.
- Michael Jackson: "doctors regularly moved in and out of Jackson's life", Edward Chernoff - Dr.Conrad Murray's attorney, sister La Toya said Michael was "controlled" by people surrounding him, Joe Jackson (the father) denied ever beating or physically hurting his son Michael and a group photo with Michael Jackson, Al Malnick with his son Shareef, Serena Williams and two other persons.
- Mexico/World: Olga Alanis with a photograph of her missing daughter Monica. "It was a Thursday in March when Monica, 18, disappeared - one of 30 girls to have gone missing in Ciudad Juarez this year. ...Most of the victims were between 16 and 18 and of similar appearnace and economic circumstances. Most disappeared in the city centre. ... between 1993 and 2005 about 400 young women were killed. Many were found dumped in ditches, bearing signs of torture and rape."
- Father Sergey is not against John Elton taking his son Lev to Britain, provided he can go to Britain, too.
- A poster of WW2 day in Stubbington and December 1933 entry in Keesing's Contemp. Archives: ITALY.- Law on Corporations. The Fascist Grand Council issued a document about Fascist Corporative system.

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