Monday, 12 October 2009

( nr 231 ) Scans above: three scans from SED ( Sov.Enc.Dict.) 1986 showing LEFT RADICALS entry directs to Movement of Left Radicals, which is ... missing! [sorry for one page scanned wrongly].
Four scans from two books about Mitrokhin (by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin) with photos including Andropov, Shelepin, Mitrokhin and brothers Gordievsky - Vasili and Oleg.
A dead body by the bus stop (Morrisons) last Thursday, 8th of October reminded me of Lagos and had a touch of S-theater. Two women phoned police and medics came (10.30-11.30 am). I have not seen anything (yet?) about it in the The News local paper.
Reading about Lyndon LaRouche with amazement. I did not know about his turbulent past and the SDI.
In Soviet shops there were booklets hung by the cashier booth, where any customer could write a complaint or a suggestion. It was openly displayed for anybody to read. It was called KNIGA ZHALOB i PREDLOZHENIJ - Complaints and Suggestions Book. A copy I bought in Moscow a few years ago had a "EDITED" version, i.e. the word Complaints disappeared, replaced by Responses... or feedback. The real FEEDBACK in fact was removed from the System. I may scan it in my next post.
About four weeks ago on BBC Radio 4 Sunday morning a few personalities incl. Matthew Parris (?) were discussing persecutions of homosexuals, etc. The following came out: just like homosexulas were hunted down before, so are "people, called paedophiles by some newspapers".
How disgusting! ... [Mon.19 Oct. quotation marks edited].
Shall try to read about M.Leon Blum and his Left Front Parties in France (1935-6), as well as German refugees queston in League of Nations.

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