Thursday, 29 April 2010

( nr 260 ) Cont. from the last post: a better scan of the Gosport Ferry ticket and pages from the website of Peter de Vries
showing sadistic child murderer Koos H. young (when crimes were committed) and old now in his cell, pictures of his (known) victims - the three girls, picture of the late judge Mr.Cornelis Stolk WHO HAD A HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with Koos.H and protected him.
Mr.C. Stolk was a very senior judge - a Vice-Chairman of the Court in the Hague. The VVD member of Dutch Parliament (Tweede Kamer) Fred Teeven has asked for an urgent parliamentary debate and investigation of evidence present in the three TV programmes over Koos H.-C. Stolk case.
Fred Teeven has prepared 19 questions for Minister of Justice and Home Affairs Hirsch Ballin.
RUSSIA: judge Eduard Chuvashov murdered.
Trade UNIONS demand that lorry/truck jobs go abroad !
HIDDEN PAGES on the Internet:

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