Friday, 10 August 2007


(nr.12) Beginning DAILY or, to be more precise, FIVE times weekly entries to this diary - short as they may be.

Expatica Forum is still alive, somewhat quiet on the Spanish, Belgian, French and German forums and sort of vandalised by (netbot) spam on the Dutch one.

Recent events:

- Madeline's mother was interviewed this week on the "Woman's Hour" Channel 4 radio. She was very calm. The only strange wording I found in her answer, where she said, that she regrets not being with Madeline at the moment or minute that she was snatched.
The news about a Belgian (?) woman (a child therapist) who saw (may be ) Madeline with 2 'parents' at a cafeteria was somewhat dumped. The couple in a black Volvo should have been traced anyway.

- A 15 (?) year-old boy Jessie James was shot and killed a few months ago in UK. Very patchy news in connection with new witness and arrests made. His mother made a statement about her son's refusal to join any of the teenage gangs in the area. She only recently discovered that her boy was continually harrassed and intimidated over the issue. An expert from London confirmed, that there is an organised structure and pressures about gang cultures, and they'd certainly not tolerate 'a loose cannon'. There was a case of 14/15 y. o. boy and girl who were 'ordered' to commit a burglary and were beaten up/raped for refusal to do so.

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