Thursday, 16 August 2007

(nr.16) Trotsky missing in the Soviet Encyclopedic Dictionary (1986 edition) - that is Lev Davidovich Trotsky (born Leyba Bronshtein). There are entries for Trotskism and another Trotsky - an architect. Also missing Vladimir Zhabotinsky, with another Zhabotinsky found there - a heavy athlete.
Some reports of unexpected deaths and fatal violence. A local paper "Daily Echo" in Southampton reported, that a world-renowned Hampshire (Lymington) sailor Chris Law aged 55 had been found dead beside a German lake Constance. And French Expatica News reports today that an Italian newsman Sergio Vantaggiato died after being assaulted in Paris metro.
PS. Yesterday I 'published' my entries without problems. On 2 previous occasions My post(s) were found on either www or http versions of my URL, for a couple of hours first time and several minutes on a second occasion. They then corrected that discrepancy, which I think, was a revealing accident.
Furthemore, there are versions of HTTPS, www2 and so on. Worth checking url variants for different sites.

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